Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Palau - Our Host, DS

DS is the best host one could ask for. He opened up his home to Rich and I for 2 weeks and had us on the go our entire stay. We left the island feeling we'd done just about everything you could do. So here is a tribute to DS, aka The Mushroom.

DS at "work"

DS's apartment is on the top floor and....

...has views like this:

"The Mushroom" in his natural habitat playing...:

... a little Rachett and Clank:

You da man, Sir DS. Thanks for the awesome trip! 2 more years!


Anonymous said...

Did you send this to his mother?
Love, Mother

Anonymous said...

You didn't forget the "Mushroom" name. HA!HA!HA!
You told me you're gonna find more "Mushrooms" in California and form a CLUB.

JPW said...

Hey T! You know those mushrooms are hard to find so its hard to form a club with them all.

aikane said...

Mushroom, huh? ;-)