Friday, September 30, 2005

Another Dipshit Politician from Alabama

I'm not a christian but my values are more in line with the teachings of Jesus than these hypocritical jackasses.

Alabama Jackass of the week: Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin

SCARBOROUGH: You have said a lot of things that have shocked a lot of people. Explain to me why you think that Katrina was God‘s wrath.
ERWIN: Well, I think, if you look at what‘s going on, this whole region has always known that, with the church, that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are known for sin.

And if you go to a church and you read your Bible, you are always told avoid sin and that there‘s judgment for sin. And I just think that, in my analysis—and I can‘t speak for everybody, but I believe that, if you look at the factors, that you had a city that was known for sin—the signature of New Orleans is the French Quarter, Bourbon Street. It is known for sin. And you have a Bible that says God will judge sin, you can put two and two together and say, it may not be the judgment of God, but it sure looks like the footprint.

So, I just told my friends, in an opinion, I think it could be the judgment of God on the Gulf Coast and on New Orleans. And I would urge the good folks that are the innocent victims to rally and rebuild that city and get a new signature.

Wacko christian DoucheBag!

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davyproctorboy said...

Even as a gay man here in Berkeley I hear it: an idiot bellowing last week that god had sent Katrina to New Orleans to kill the faggots, and then sent Rita towards Houston to kill any New Orleans evacuee faggots, followed by the obligatory "praise the lord".

Jonathan Steinke said...

I have yet to meet a born-again Christian at the magnitude of Senator Erwin who I haven't found a bald-faced hypocrite or buffoon.

JPW said...

The "god sent the hurricane to punish sinners" is hardly worth arguing. Of course the MSM had poll after poll "asking America" if they believed that.

Thanks for the props J.S. Please comment some more!