Monday, October 10, 2005

AL-Gov: Riley announces bid for re-election

Riley or Moore... Riley or Moore... Dumb or Dumber... Dumb or Dumber... Hmmmm, better go with Dumb, Alabama. It's what you're good at electing. Don't want to get all advanced by voting for Dumber.

Should be a lovely pissing contest as to who loves baby jesus more. "I love baby jesus more... No I love baby jesus more. Here's a novel idea; Why don't you let the churches worry about baby jesus and why don't you freakin GOVERN for once. If you want a Theocracy, move to Iran.

"According to a Mobile Register-University of South Alabama poll of 400 registered voters around the state, Riley holds a 19-point lead over Moore. Of 400 polled, Riley has 44 percent of the vote to Moore's 25 percent."

The Crimson White Online - Riley announces bid for re-election:

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