Thursday, October 06, 2005

Feingold says Democrats will announce plan for Iraq


...the Bush State Department that issued a report in 2001stating al Qaeda was not operating in Iraq...

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, asked whether Iraq was a hotbed for insurgents by Newsweek last month, said, “The argument that I find rather bizarre is that somehow we created more of them by going after it, when, in fact, I think what had happened was that they had not been challenged… And now they’re being challenged.”

Feingold said her statement “makes absolutely no sense.”

“She is just literally making things up, saying that Iraq was a hotbed of terrorism before we went there,” he averred. “The recruiting is done because we are there.”

“The idea that you stay in a situation that isn’t going the right way just for the sake of saying that you’re staying the course is a potentially disastrous approach,” the senator said. “The idea that things would be much worse if we let Iraqis take over I think is questionable. A lot of the recruiting is based on the idea that it is a permanent American occupation.”

Feingold says Democrats will announce plan for Iraq

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davyproctorboy said...

There is little point in waiting for Democrats to make a plan, or to do or say anything. There is no hope for real change there. There needs to be a revolution, at least of thought, and an end to the two-headed one corporate party in this country. Otherwise we will alternate between a Reagan/Bush/Bush type regime and a Republican-lite regime forever. At this point I sadly believe there can never be peace with justice under the Corporate=Republican=Democrat status quo oligarchy.