Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From A Southern Voter

Daily Kos: From A Southern Voter
If we had a higher collective self-worth, you wouldnt see us try and legislate our own morality on everybody else. I don't blame Southerners for wanting to keep their guns and for wanting to incorporate their religion into their daily lives, state facilities, and public schools. Religion is the way the truth and the life down here. Its all we know because RELIGION SPEAKS THE LOUDEST. That's why the "persecuted Christian" mentality is so widespread. We as a people don't know who we are, and we as a collective are extremely stubborn (OR you could say insecure ) and hence slow to want change. We are not policy wonks. We are not big business conservatives well versed in judicial history and economic theory. We are just good people who can be scared!


Southerners are inherently stubborn, honest, and GOOD. I believe that these traits can all be aligned with progressive policies, but New Englanders and left-wingers have to realize that it is going to be next to impossible for Barack Obama or Barbara Boxer to win the South. You need Barry Swietzer. You need Paul Hackett. You need Bill Clinton. You need the Vernacular. John Kerry was not. The next Democratic candidates need to be able to convince voters that they could rebuild an engine or fork some hay.

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