Monday, October 31, 2005

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

Once again from the TimesDaily in Alabama and once again a smack down of Roy "Ten Commandments but only a couple are relevant to me" Moore:
An embarrassment

I'm sure most people remember George Bush's aircraft landing on the U.S.S. Lincoln and his embarking from the plane wearing his leather flight jacket, proclaiming, "Mission accomplished!"

I think Roy Moore must be sitting back and saying the same thing. He has worked tirelessly from being an inconsequential political figure in Etowah County to become infamous for something, and he used religion and the Ten Commandments as his bait.

Electing someone like Roy Moore to be our governor won't make him a worthy governor, any more than locking him in a hen house will turn him into a rooster.

He has absolutely nothing to offer our citizens. If it is a replica of the Ten Commandments that people want, they can turn to their Bibles, in Exodus, Chapter 20, and have it available up close and personal.

Alabama needs leadership with a vision for leading us into the paths of prosperity and higher achievements. Hopefully, the candidates seeking this role will be people who have incorporated spirituality into their lives, people who have not used religion for their own personal gain and prosperity.

Roy Moore has earned millions of dollars as a result of his antics, and he will be an embarrassment to all Alabamians.

Larry * *****

Central Heights
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