Monday, October 31, 2005

Libbygate, Traitorgate, Treasongate.....

Frank Rich: One Step Closer to the Big Enchilada
In our current imperial presidency, as in its antecedent, what may look like a narrow case involving a second banana with a child's name contains the DNA of the White House, and that DNA offers a road map to the duplicitous culture of the whole. The coming prosecution of Lewis (Scooter) Libby in the Wilson affair is hardly the end of the story. That "Cheney's Cheney," as Mr. Libby is known, would allegedly go to such lengths to obscure his role in punishing a man who challenged the administration's W.M.D. propaganda is just one very big window into the genesis of the smoke screen (or, more accurately, mushroom cloud) that the White House used to sell the war in Iraq. - A case of the mean reds.
The indictment of one of George W. Bush's advisers last week is part of the pervasive rot in the modern Republican party. - Reid: White House owes an explanation - Oct 30, 2005
"Everyone knows Karl Rove is involved," Reid said. "If the president is a man of his word, Rove should be history."
"There was not a word of apology, not a word of explanation to the American people," Reid said. "The president's going to have to get a touch of reality."

Flying Blind - Newsweek National News -
"This is a White House in turmoil right now," said a senior aide, one of many who declined to speak on the record at a time of peril and paranoia. As for Rove, the aide said, some insiders believed that he had "behaved, if not criminally, then certainly unethically."

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