Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pull 20,000 US troops from Iraq in Dec: Kerry

He actually served in the Military... and he has a plan.... now..... goddammit.

"We do not need to send young Americans on search-and-destroy missions that invite alienation and deepen the risks they face ... Iraqis should stand up for Iraq."

"We must move aggressively to reduce popular support for the insurgency fed by the perception of American occupatio

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Anonymous said...

Kerry lost all my respect and support years ago. The Kerry of the early seventies was a true hero. Two rabidly pro-war presidential candidates left me no option but to vote third party in 2004. Where has Kerry been all these years, hiding behind vagueness until the polls tell him it might be safe, and would be in his best career interest to speak up. Give me a break! I am against war/killing/torture. Even if all the lies the Republicans told leading up to the criminal war had been true, I still would have been totally opposed to the massacre/war. That is the key point for me. Stopping the killing now and in the future is the goal, and that won't be done within the Democratic Party. How can you ask a man to be one of the last to die/kill for a mistake for the next couple of years?