Monday, October 24, 2005

Setting the Bar Higher

Can I get an amen.
If you think this is a cheap shot at religion, you’re wrong. This is actually a cheap shot at people who think that faith alone will get us to the finish line. Faith never invented life-saving drugs, electrical appliances, automobiles, computers, the Internet, or even the telephone that you call your mother with on Mother’s Day. Those were all invented, developed, and improved upon by people who took an interest in science and who didn’t let the unknown scare them from peering into it. Perhaps faith helped them along their illustrious roads, and perhaps God was the most important part of their lives. However, they never traded their faith for hard work, creativity, and hitting the books. There may be no substitute for God, but there’s no substitute for studying and getting good grades either. If you don’t trust me, just ask a teacher.

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