Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Associated Press looks South

Facing South: Associated Press looks South
The Associated Press had a recent series of articles about the South and what it means to be Southern. The articles ran in local papers all over the region and as far away as Minnesota, North Dakota, and California. There's some interesting and thought provoking discussion:

Definition of South, Southern Is Changing
Many Blacks Take Pride in Southern Roots
Great Literature Amid Illiteracy
Yes, Ma'am, There Is Pride in Politeness
Country Comedy Is an Evolving Tradition

This is a great series, but one thing that's missing is a discussion of the South's influence on traditional/folk/gospel/popular music. That would be pretty tough to cover in a single article, though.


Aikäne said...

Thanks for this reminder. I added a few comments on my blog entry and linked back to you.

Aikane Leo

AAW said...

Thanks for the link, Aikane. Keep fighting the good fight!