Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oil Execs to Be Asked to Justify Profits

And their justification will be "FUCK YOU! We're Republicans! We run the place. We own the government and the courts, so suck it and pay what we tell you to pay".


Gross|Photo said...

Democrat too, I believe. Oil companies might be friggin the nation but I doubt it's got anything to do with their politics. Greedy is greedy is greedy.

AAW said...

Damn right, I'm a Democrat! If you can't make the connection between the oil companies, this administration and the policies this administration has created to benefit the oil companies then you are too numb in the scull to even attempt to explain it to.
Greedy is greedy is greedy? Tell me about Halliburton? Tell me how you don't want to pay any taxes but you want that goddamn pothole fixed in the dirt road where you live. Who’s the party of greed and who’s the party that cares about ALL Americans?

Bigoted, racist, homophobe, I believe