Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Republicans now trying to Swift Boat Ambassador Joe Wilson over Rove-Treason-Gate

Fucking Lying Liars
Two GOP attack dogs (who are regular pundits on FOX and have been published by Regnery, the nutty GOP publishing arm) are now trying to spread a lie about Joe Wilson, saying he revealed to them in a casual conversation in the Green Room at FOX News in 2002 (a year before Novak outed Valerie Wilson) that Valerie worked at the CIA.

Amb. Wilsons says categorically that this never happened - liked he'd blare this to two total strangers, at FOX News no less - but the two FOX News pundit-authors, who of course suddenly appear out of nowhere two years into the investigation once Scooter is indicted and the Bush White House is falling apart at the seams, are now intent on spreading their suddenly rediscovered "memory." "

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed that they still amaze me with their sleaze. They almost make Nixon seem saintly.