Friday, December 23, 2005

Most outrageous statements of 2005

Most outrageous statements of 2005
Here are the most outrageous statements Media Matters for America has documented this year. From attacks on women, Muslims, and African-Americans to a call for the assassination of a foreign leader to an open invitation for Al Qaeda to "blow up" San Francisco to a claim that gay marriage would lead to unions between "a man and his donkey," these statements acutely represent the extreme conservative speech we found in the news media in 2005. (We tried to limit the comments to a Top 10 list, but it was simply impossible.)

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Anonymous said...

How about the "members of the Westboro (Mass.) Baptist Church who spent the past six months traveling the country haunting the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq, shouting that their deaths were God's punishment for the state's having allowed gay marriages", according to Patricia J. Williams in The Nation. Do I just love religion!!!!