Thursday, January 12, 2006

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

From the TimesDaily in Florence, Al:

Don't Trust Alito
As I write this, Judge Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings have begun. Regardless of their political affiliation, all Americans should be concerned about the possibility of Alito sitting on the highest court of the land. He is, like John Roberts, an evasive and fundamentally dishonest nominee who can't seem to recall his longstanding record of right-wing extremism.

There is no question that Alito leaves a lot to be desired in the ethics department. During his confirmation to the Court of Appeals, he said he would recuse himself from cases involving his own investments -- and then went back on that promise.

Even if you agree with Alito's basic politics, is he the type of nominee that you can be proud of? A man who dodges and evades and conceals his true agenda in order to occupy a position of power? Personally, I would have no confidence in a nominee who felt he had so much to hide.

At this point, we all know that President Bush's policies endanger both our civil liberties and the very concept of truth. We also know that he does not choose nominees whose views are not in line with his own. The new Supreme Court justice should not be a right-wing radical like Samuel Alito, but rather a moderate who will represent the majority of the American people.

Jonathan M.

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