Tuesday, February 21, 2006


White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe
"It's hard work shitting on the Constitution and the American people. Hard work"!

Dems Need A Newt Of Their Own

Folk Songs of the Far Right Wing

Jobs cut at energy lab restored before Bush visit
"The Energy Department said it has come up with $5 million to immediately restore jobs cut at a renewable energy laboratory President George W. Bush will visit on Tuesday, avoiding a potentially embarrassing moment as the president promotes his energy plan."
US right has hijacked religious vote, says evangelist:
One of the most influential religious figures in the US has called on progressive Christians to seize the religious agenda from the right.

Jim Wallis - who has been consulted by US presidents as well as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - yesterday urged liberal Christians to move the agenda from the right's focus of sexual morality to a less partisan approach.
'Religion does not have a monopoly of morality - the issue is not whether a person has a personal faith but whether they have a moral compass.'
U.S. church alliance denounces Iraq war

In N.C., GOP Requests Church Directories

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