Thursday, February 16, 2006

Comment on WaPo NSA Story

The following is a comment I received for posting the WaPo NSA article regarding the rollover by the Rethugs in Congress on not allowing an investigation into Resident Bush's illegal domestic spy program. I'm not formaly endorsing the post because I haven't thoroughly studied the material but upon first blush I thought it worthy enough to be on the main page. Appartently if Congress refuses to move on the investigation, the states have recorse to force it. Here is the comment

Thank you for your attention on the NSA and WaPo article. I agree -- it's outrageous. I'm here to let you know there is a solution, here's how it works: [ Click ]

The States can compel Congress to face this issue, and not cower to the White House non-sense. Here is what you can do: Click.

Let others know: They need to call their State legislators and have them discuss this issue, and issue a proclamation calling for Bush's impeachment. There's nothing the President, RNC, or Congress can do to stop this process.

Stay determined, there's a way to force Congress and the White House to face this issue.

You are dead on -- It is outlandish that it has come to this, but we and the States can remind Congress and the White House there is a way we can do something and, as you say, "Not let this stand."

Tell your friends, spread the word -- there is a way!

With respect,

- Constant -


davyproctorboy said...

Is "Resident Bush" a commentary or a typo? I think it should be "resident president Bush".

JPW said...

Commentary :-)

Pete said...

I always liked pResident Bush.

Kills two quail, or is it one old guy's face gets blown off by a drunk... at a time?