Saturday, February 04, 2006

DBT at the South Pole - Patterson Update

Check out Patterson's Website for an update. Here's a taste:
DBT's new single FEB 14 is available for free download on our website.
Don't let the feds fool ya, play that shit loud and blow those eardrums up.
Rock has been making folks deaf since the 50's, shoulda happened sooner.
By the way, contrary to popular op. it ain't a love song or even a valentines day song.
It's a big loud fuck you and the shelf life for that goes way beyond the 15th.
Don't forget to keep checking in, both here and at the DBT site, as the new album is coming soon, lots of tour dates are about to be announced, and we promise to keep the propaganda flowing like sweet cheap wine.
Sweet, sweet fuckin' DBT propaganda.

Hat tip to the fine folks at Nine Bullets. They linked to my blog from their front page today and it has just tinkled me pink. That's the first ever front page linkage to Alabama Ass Whuppin. They do one hell of a job over there. If you love DBT you should be checking them out daily.

If you don't think DBT is going world wide with the release of ABAAC, then check this out:

Apparently a friend of the DBT named Andrew works at the South Pole. Now we know how Patterson came up with Mrs. Klaus' Kimono.

These pics came from DBTJenn over on DBT's Yahoo Group

Jenn is the moderator of the Yahoo group and the webmistress for DBT and a host of other kick ass bands. I've never had the privilege to meet her but I've swapped a few emails with her and there ain't a cooler person under the sun You won't find anybody who will say any different, either. And if they do they better watch their ass 'cause they'll have a crew of motherfuckers looking for it. The band and the fans are lucky to have her around.

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