Monday, February 13, 2006

Dirty Dick

More Questions Raised About Delay in Reporting Cheney Misfire
Look, I grew up hunting in the South. My granddaddy, his granddaddy and his granddaddy before were all hunters. Firstly, Dickhead and Co. were shooting cage raised animals. I can't even begin to tell you how pussy this is. A true hunter hunts his prey in its natural setting. Period. A true hunter DOES NOT go to some bullshit hunting club that essentially raises domesticated animals that are then released and "hunted" by its members. Might as well turn your dog loose and hunt it. Seriously, pussy motherfuckers. (UPDATE: OK, mea culpa. Cheney hunted domesticated game in 2003 and he WAS NOT doing the same on Saturday. Still...) Secondly, you DO NOT just shoot someone in the face who is 30 yards away. There is an extreme amount of safety measures a hunter follows in these situations. You'd have to be a drunk, careless fool to do this. And we know that ain't Cheney... that's Bush and he wasn't there. Either this is, once again, a massive demonstration of the incompetence of this adminstration or its a cover up. Why did they wait 18 hours before reporting this? Somethin' ain't right. I guess the King and his court can do as they please. Wait til they come knocking on your door to be the first to fuck your virgin bride. Remember Braveheart?

Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed in Leak
Yeah, a big fucking anal probe from his ass to his mouth.

Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights:
"'As our poll shows, and legal scholars agree, the awesome power of government to penetrate citizens' most private communications must not be held in one set of hands,' Michael Greco, the group's president, told a news conference.

'To prevent the very human temptation to abuse this power there must be checks and balances in the form of oversight by the courts and Congress,' he said.

'I personally reject the false choice that is being offered Americans that they must give up their liberties to have security. We must protect both, and we can protect both,' he added."
Another Bush Boy Indicted
53 felonies. That's how the Republicans do it! 53, bitches!

Spying Necessary, Democrats Say
But it doesn't have to be illegal.

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