Thursday, February 23, 2006

Patterson in Playboy

Patterson's Interviewed in Playboy! The March '06 edition contains the 2005 Playboy Music Awards and Playboy asks:

Bonning, balling, bonking. The first time is a memorable experience for everyone. To prove it we tracked down a range of music personalities to ask them about their first time and what they were listening to. Whether it was with a coed, in a club bathroom or with a chick in a van parked around the corner from school, even elements of this oversexed segment of the population remember their first roll in the cabbage like it was five minutes ago.

Drive-by Truckers
Patterson Hood: The Rolling Stones' Tatto You album came out that day, and I bought it. My girlfriend at the time had been out of town on a family vacation, so I picked her up at the bus station. We went to see An American Werewolf in London and then went somewhere and humped our brains out. So it was Tatto You, and it played over and over on the cassette deck. Not that it took that long, but if I remember correctly, we did it more than once. We were as in love as teenagers can be, which is quite a bit. I wouldn't want to change anything about it, and I hope she would say the same.
There you have it. Though the picture next to Patterson' article is a bit disturbing: I had to get rid of the pic, not because of pressure from any one or any objections, it's just that I couldn't handle looking at it any more. Very confusing.

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largehearted boy said...

My eyes!!!

AAW said...

It hurts doesn't it.... So wrong.... but funny.

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OMG!!! I don't know if I'm going to be able to listen to DBT until that picture is completely expunged from my memory!