Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Way Coretta Would Have Wanted It.

Bush Gets Reemed at King Funeral
This is AWESOME!

Sit up straight, George. Show some respect you dolt. Laura's so pissed that some uppity negro is giving her drunk husband some akright. I love it!

Republican Wacko Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry
I hope these are signals that the rats are jumping the ship.
"A House Republican whose subcommittee oversees the National Security Agency broke ranks with the White House on Tuesday and called for a full Congressional inquiry into the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping program."
Heat continues: Wall Street Journal says Bush, Abramoff woes persist
Crooked is as crooked does.
"'Their refusal to release information is inexcusable,' says Tom Fitton, president of conservative legal organization Judicial Watch. As a result, the scandal 'is now in the White House.'"
Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by Lobbyist in D.C.
Boehner sure is a breath of ethical air for the Rethugs.

State Department sees exodus of weapons experts
Why? The experts are being pushed out by Bush's appointed political operatives who don't know jack shit about weapons. They can tell you the sex of a 2 year old equine, though. Pitiful.

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Anonymous said...

Who woulda thought following 9/11 that we would ever realistically visualize impeachdubyament!!??