Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DBT - News from the Web

Jayfrombama on the Yahoo group had some interesting DBT News:

Received an interesting New West publicity sheet last night. A few tidbits to share.

First leg of US tour listed. I'm only going to mention one, because as we all know, nothing's official until Jenn posts them. According to this fact sheet, the tour starts in Baton Rouge on April 27th, the day before the first weekend of Jazz Fest. No venue listed, but I'm assuming "The Varsity". Hope to see some of y'all there.

  • "Easy On Yourself" released to "Rock" and "AAA" radio today(3/14). If you have one of these in your area, call or email them!
  • -Full CD released to College radio today (3/14) Call your college radio stations!!!
  • -The 40 Watt Turner South's Music Road Show to air in early May
  • -Conan "secured" for street week
  • And lots of features and reviews, including: GQ, Spin, Billboard, Playboy, Penthouse , Amplifier, Paste, Blender, Fader, No Depression, Relix, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Oxford American, USA Today, NY Times and the LA Times.
  • -And a COVER story in Harp!

Corey over at Ninebullets directs us to this awesome version of Decoration Day:
Acoustic ''Decoration Day''

Want to hear a great acoustic version of "Decoration Day"? Go here. Be sure to add FAME as a friend as well!
DBT's MySpace will let you listen to "Wednesday" off the new album. Great song! Gonna be a perfect follow up hit to "Easy on Yourself".

.357 on Ninebullet's discussion board finds this gem. Cooley's golf lyric:
Well your wishes and your feelings
Your bad dreams and intuitions
Are about as much good to me right now as a brand new set of golf clubs

Mackay is Lefty's right-hand man: "Another of Jim's regular listens: Drive-By Truckers."

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