Thursday, March 16, 2006

Love Like This

Fellow Senators Praise Feingold’s Censure Resolution
A few less pussies in the Demo party.

And why are they being pussies when only a third of the country approves of King George?
"_Several recent polls, including the AP-Ipsos poll, have found Bush's approval ratings in the 30s. The Pew poll found Bush's job approval at 33 percent, the lowest ever in that poll."
Jessica Simpson snubs Bush
I mean, seriously, if Dumb isn't afraid to snub Dumber then what the fuck is the Democrats problem.

U.N. Ignores U.S., Approves Council 170-4:
Even the U.N. is telling Shrub and his crony Bolton to get fucked. It's also nice to note that the U.S. no longer approves of rights for humans.
"U.N. member states ignored U.S. opposition and overwhelmingly approved a new Human Rights Council on Wednesday, attempting to strengthen the world body's machinery to deal with major human rights offenders."
Crooks and Liars
This video sums it all up very nicely. Too bad it has to come from James Spader and a fictional TV show instead of a Democratic Sentor on the floor of the Senate.

Supreme Court Justice Reveals Death Threats:
This is the fruit borne by the wacko right's "War against Activist Judges" (meaning we want to kill those judges who don't agree with our radical agenda).
"WASHINGTON (March 15) - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor have been the targets of death threats from the 'irrational fringe' of society, people apparently spurred by Republican criticism of the high court."
Republicans Block New Security Scrutiny
And people trust the Republicans why? Why can't folks follow the simplest rule of social interaction, "Watch what people do, not what they say". And just because a Republican says it doesn't make it true. In fact, chances are if a Rebulican is saying it... it's probably a lie.
"WASHINGTON Mar 15, 2006 (AP)— Republicans blocked a Democratic effort Wednesday to force House votes on expanding government scrutiny of foreign investments, the latest fallout from a Dubai-owned company's failed bid to run some U.S. port operations.

In a 224-192 procedural vote, the Republican-controlled House thwarted Democrats from offering two amendments to a $91 billion measure for wars and hurricane recovery. Democrats also planned to push for more port security money while criticizing Republicans on the issue.

'If the Republicans are now deciding to get on board, then we welcome them, because for so long they have been on a sinking ship, basically saying that our ports are secure,' said Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, lead Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee."
"The Final Word Is Hooray!":
Speaking of what people say, check out this excellent article. Liberal media my ass.
"Around the same time as Hume's speech, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas declared (4/16/03): 'All of the printed and voiced prophecies should be saved in an archive. When these false prophets again appear, they can be reminded of the error of their previous ways and at least be offered an opportunity to recant and repent. Otherwise, they will return to us in another situation where their expertise will be acknowledged, or taken for granted, but their credibility will be lacking.'

Gathered here are some of the most notable media comments from the early days of the Iraq War:
Republicans Happier than Democrats
Ignorance is bliss..

And Finally:
Love Like This!
"Comin' home with a bottle... Tryin' not to break the seal..."

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