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DBT Week in Review - 4/15- 4/21

UPDATE: Check out this review promo from New West. Sweet!

Finally! The Release. And what a release it is. Fantastic album by the band. Great reviews pouring in.

Tour dates with the Black Crowes have been annouced.

This WIR is gonna be short and sweet. I'm working on another picture tour that should be ready next week. Here's a sample:

Also, I'm writing a review of the reviews. The punditry of punditry. It'll be like a freakin' Escher painting. I'm already confused writing it. Should be good fun.

I do want to highlight one review in this post. This review is really the only one that matters and it comes from the Birthday Girl, DBTJenn. Jenn just turned 21, so now she can drink at the shows ;-P
dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] Re: Well Runs Dry: "Alright, I'll jump in here. Mind you I've been listening to these songs a while and in all kinds of order. The first one that got me was the title track - I just love that chord progression. I love the harmonic guitar work. Lots of people don't like Patterson's high voice, but it works for me, especially when he's backed by a such minor-key storm of instrumentation, and so earnest about what he's saying. Feb 14 was hot on it's tail, because of Brad's fucking bad ass drumbeat. I swear, I don't know many drummers who can hold a candle to the man. Plus, it's a very old song that even Horse Pussy used to play (my brother recognized it immediately and reminded me, though he said it sounded a little different when HP was doing it). I'd cried over Space City many a time, and it turned out about as good as I've ever heard Cooley play it. Of course Gravity's Gone got me at the same time as Feb 14, because it's just such an amazing song. We joked that Cooley'd just written down a bunch of the funny shit he said in one day and made a song out of it, cause that's pretty much how he talks. I think Easy On Yourself snuck up on me then, and I was running it over and over again for a while, too. Jason's songs cause that really sweet pop addiction that comes from his catchy hooks, and plaintive voice. I love his lyrics and their phrasing. I'd always appreciated Little Bonnie and I thought World of Hurt was a beautiful and intense song (possibly a masterpiece), but it took me a while to hook into Aftermath - just because it does sound so much like The Faces - but the lyrics got to me eventually, and now I love it. Goodbye and Wednesday were always there, always kickass, always creeping up on me. Shonna's bass playing on Goodbye gives me chillbumps, and the driving beat of Wednesday (plus that staccato guitar - I LOVE that!) does too. Along with Daylight, they're like the nougaty center of this album. And that's how it's rolled for me. -j"
From the Ninebullets board comes a cool promotion. I sure would likes me one of dem prints:
Nine Bullets: "I run an online store for The Great Escape - a small chain of stores in TN and KY. We are holding a drawing on our website to win an autographed, numbered print from the Decoration Day release. Anyone who purchases any DBT CD or DVD before April 23rd is entered to win. If you purchase Blessing & a Curse, we do have the 4-track bonus disc to ship out with it as well. Our website is TheGreatEscapeOnLine

We also are running a similar promotion (and giving away another signed print) at our Bowling Green KY location - so if you are in the area come by and see us!

~Rob "
What's left of Skynyrd did a benefit for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. DBT WILL be honored in those halls someday:
Welcome to "David Johnson, executive director of the hall of fame, is to be commended for organizing the Lynyrd Skynyrd benefit concert. Johnson was one of the first record producers to work with the Florida-based band back in the early 1970s, when no one had heard of them, and no one could understand their sound. Skynyrd recorded its first tracks at Quinvy Studios with Johnson and at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios with Jimmy Johnson.

Had Skynyrd not come to Muscle Shoals in search of a record deal, the pioneering band would not have found success later. And the surviving members of the band were happy to repay the debt with a benefit concert."
Here's a shout out to Jayfrombama, a fellow Shoals alumnus and musical savant. Jay's puttin' on a Muscle Shoals music history lesson at FAME in a couple of weeks. I'd love to attend that one. I'll try to get more information from him and post it next week. If you're anywhere near the Shoals and if the event includes the general public, I'd highly recommend going to hear Jay.

The following post is for Jay and all the other expatriated Shoalsians who might get the occassional homesickness. From the NY Times:

Florence, Alabama - Fashion Capital of the South - New York Times:
"Passing through on Highway 72, you could easily mistake Florence, Ala., for a backwater of Winn-Dixies and double-wide trailers. But turn off, and the city — population 36,264 — soon reveals its attractions: elegant 19th-century buildings, a living musical heritage and very fine fried okra. Five years ago, when Natalie Chanin returned home to start her clothing company, Project Alabama — known for high-fashion garments that are hand-stitched by local quilters — she was a pioneer, but today Florence is in full swing."
This is a picture of a booth at the Hollywood Inn in Florence, AL. I grew up right next to this soul food restaurant. My mouth waters just writing about it. Mac and Cheese. That's all I've got to say. Across the street is Bunyan's BBQ. Oh... My... God.... This is how we do in Flo-town: Smoked meat, no sauce. You can get mayo (which I do) and slaw (which I don't) on your BBQ sammiches. Put some hot sauce on that bad boy. Plain Lay's Potato Chips. Take your ass to the River.....

This is a picture of The Smokehouse Billiards, or simply, The Pool Hall. My senior year in highschool, I'd skip lunch every day and head to The Pool Hall. Between this place and being taken to the Tennessee line by some of the older crowd I ran with, I became a pretty damn good pool player. I can still get on a tear and whip anybody's ass in the land. Oh, and Chili Cheese Burgers with hot sauce. I might not slap my momma, but I'd probably slap somebody elses momma for one of those burgers right now. Damn, I done got hungry:

Keep an eye out next week for the picture tour and the review of the reviews.

Rock Show, Bitches!!!

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