Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Little Party That Couldn't

Think about it.... $700 billion for education... for improving our infrastructure (a national high speed railway a la the interstate system of the 50s).... investing in renewable energy sources. Nope. $700 billion for a bullshit war that has made us less safe, created more terrorist, broken our military, and has greatly diminished our standing in the world. Nice.

Projected Iraq War Costs Soar:
"The cost of the war in Iraq will reach $320 billion after the expected passage next month of an emergency spending bill currently before the Senate, and that total is likely to more than double before the war ends, the Congressional Research Service estimated this week."
FEMA worked like a champ under Clinton. Why? Because Clinton stocked it with intelligent skilled people and Clinton provided the leadership for them to succeed. FEMA's not the problem. George Bush is the problem. Honestly, after seeing the video of Brownie in action, he did the best job he could. It was the leadership above him that failed.... miserably.

We're stuck in a bear trap so we cut off the free foot.

Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA:
"Hurricane Katrina's latest fatality should be FEMA, the nation's disaster response agency, a Senate inquiry concluded in calling for a government overhaul to avoid future failures like those the devastating storm exposed."
They are stupid and they stink.

Voters down on Bush, Congress:
"WASHINGTON - As gasoline prices have spiked above $3 a gallon throughout the country, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that the public’s view of President Bush’s job, the economy and the nation’s direction have continued to decline."
GOP = Clusterfucks R Us.

The Little Party That Couldn't:
"Ask a Republican why Iraq is a disaster? It's the CIA Media Democrats Iraqis General's fault. Ask why the Katrina response was bungled? It's NOAA Mayor Nagin victims Governor Blanco Army Corp of Engineer's fault. Why is the budget deficit at record levels? It's the tax code liberals telletubbies Al Gore retirees your fault.

How long will Americans put up with the endless excuses and Republican blame game? About as long as it takes for a GOP screw-up to impact their own pocketbook or lives."
Ummm, I don't think this was in the Tony Robbins manual

Calif. Woman Spanked at Work Sues for $1.2M:
"FRESNO, Calif. - Lawyers for a woman who was spanked in front of her co-workers as part of what her employer said was a camaraderie-building exercise asked a jury Wednesday for at least $1.2 million for the humiliation she claimed to have suffered."

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