Friday, May 12, 2006

Not Today.... But its gonna be good.

Folks, unfortunately, I'm not finished with the DBT Fillmore review and pictures. I've been pulling 14 hour work days since last weekend, and while I've gotten a lot of work done on the post, it just ain't ready yet. I've still got more writing and editing to do. I'll get it done this weekend and have it posted the start of next week.

Here's a tease, though. A pic of Son Volt playing from the balcony of DBT's dressing room:

And here's a pic of Curt Kirkwood opening the Saturday show:

And as an added tease my review of the DBT Fillmore shows will include such topics as Salman Rushdie, finding the right cream for a ball sack rash, and one 6 dollar haircut.

Here are some articles of interest for the day:

The start of the under 30% polls:

Bush’s Approval Rating Drops:
"President Bush’s job-approval rating has fallen to its lowest mark of his presidency, according to a new Harris Interactive poll. Of 1,003 U.S. adults surveyed in a telephone poll, 29% think Mr. Bush is doing an “excellent or pretty good” job as president, down from 35% in April and significantly lower than 43% in January."
Must see video of CNN's Jack Cafferty regarding the bombshell domestic spying news released yesterday:

Crooks and Liars:
"Cafferty: We all hope nothing happens to Arlen Specter, the Republican head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cause he might be all that stands between us and a full blown dictatorship in this country."
File under "No Shit"!!

Men Pay the Ultimate Price to Attract Women:
"While it is tough to be a woman, being a man can be downright deadly.

Women live longer than men. And now scientists suggest a simple Darwinian reason: Competing for a mate can wear a guy out or get him killed."


Anonymous said...

This male/female life expectancy study seems to assume all humans are straight.

If I were Arlen Specter I wouldn't walk down any dark alleys, or fly. I am sure he remembers Paul Wellstone. I wouldn't fly on the same plane as Specter. Nothing is unimaginable from these neocons.

Anonymous said...

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