Monday, May 08, 2006

Rock Stars - A Prelude

I'm still recovering from the Shock and Awe campaign that was unleashed upon the Fillmore this weekend by a band that seems to be taking it as a personal mission to live up to the critics coinage of "The Greatest Rock Band". Here's a picture then a a couple of articles of interest on Shrub and cool new cars. I'll be back to politics tomorrow but on Friday I'll have a special post with pictures from the DBT Fillmore shows.

Ex-CIA analyst condemns Bush 'manipulation campaign' on Iraq:
"MADRID (AFP) - A former Middle East specialist of the US Central Intelligence Agency has condemned what he called an organised campaign of manipulation by the Bush administration to justify the Iraq war"
Detroit's Mr. Car Guy says driving is dead:
"Recently I sat down with the editors of FORTUNE for a chat, and a question they asked was, 'Are we anywhere near the day you can climb into a car on Long Island, program it to take you to your niece's house in Chicago, hit enter and execute, and after the first 100 yards, once you hit a thoroughfare, the car takes over automatically and you just sit back and enjoy the ride?'

It is a question I dread. But I had to answer truthfully: 'Absolutely. We are without a doubt near that day.'"

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