Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tar Baby

The Press Secretary for the POTUS used the term "tar baby" in his first televised press conference. Let me repeat that: Tony Snow, speaking for the POTUS, used the term "tar baby". Today he will say "nigga" because that's not racist without the "er" and when he speaks on immigration he'll refer to Mexicans as wetbacks, because, well, Bush thinks it's funny.

I'm from the South and I'd never use the term "tar baby".

"I can see your truuuue colors shining through..."

Crooks and Liars
When I heard Tony Snow use the term "tar baby" while responding to a question in his first televised Press conference today, it actually startled me. Doesn't Tony understand what that phrase means to many people in this country
How low can he go?

Republican Leadership Approval Hits All-Time Low:
"Bush's job approval rating now stands at 33 percent, down five percentage points in barely a month and a new low in Post-ABC polls. His current standing with the public is identical to his father's worst showing in the Post-ABC poll before he lost his reelection bid to Bill Clinton in 1992. Bush's father fell below 30 percent in some other independent polls in 1992."
Always room to go a little lower....

Zogby International:
"This as the President’s overall job approval numbers fall to 32%, according to a separate Zogby International survey conducted via telephone before the immigration speech Monday."
I've blogged about this before and in light of recent developments it is highly important that you give your congressperson a call on this. The big telecoms didn't violate your right to privacy for nothing. They did it 'cause Georgie told them he'd give them control of the internets. Don't let it happen!!! Educate yourself, then act. Picking up a phone or sending an email ain't that hard.

Save the Internet : Fighting for Internet Freedom

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