Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your daddy was mad as hell.....

This is all I'm going to say about this, but........

...Most. Talented. State. Ever.

Hello, Democrats. Perfect opportunity to reach out to those who don't normally vote for you and to show them why they should vote for you. I'm sure you'll piss away this opportunity somehow.

Global warming worries hunters, anglers:
"About half of America's hunters and anglers -- including many who said they voted for President Bush in 2004 -- told pollsters they are witnessing firsthand, in the outdoors, the effects of some form of climate change, according to the results of a nationwide survey of sportsmen released Tuesday by the National Wildlife Federation, an environmental group based in Washington, D.C."
Whaaaaah, wa-wa-Whaaaaahhhhh

Bush's Base Betrayal:
"White House and congressional Republicans seem to have adopted a one-word strategy: bribery. Buy off seniors with a prescription drug benefit. Buy off the steel industry with tariffs. Buy off agribusiness with subsidies. The cost of illegal bribery (see the case of former congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham) pales next to that of legal bribery such as congressional earmarks."
In a just world this should be happening every day until they're all rotting in jail. Oh, and no elections were stolen. Nothing to see here. Don't worry your pretty little heads about your vote not meaning a thing. Hey, did you catch American Idol last night.........

Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison:
"CONCORD, New Hampshire (Reuters) - A senior official in U.S. President George W. Bush's re-election campaign was sentenced to 10 months in prison on Wednesday for his role in suppressing votes in a key U.S. Senate race, a scandal that Democrats charge may involve the White House.

James Tobin, 45, one of three Republican campaign operatives convicted in a phone-jamming scheme designed to keep New Hampshire Democrats from voting in a 2002 election, was convicted in December of two telephone harassment charges."
"Your daddy was mad as hell. He was mad at me and you...."

Fight leads to deadly shooting:
"ZIP CITY -- A Wednesday afternoon argument over custody of a child led to the death of a man who was shot as he tried to drive away from his ex-father-in-law's house, authorities said."

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Anonymous said...

The commie America haters have even infiltrated those patriots of patriots: the hunters. Will their evil never cease!