Thursday, July 20, 2006

Literally Ironic

Is this irony? Not "Alanis Morissette" irony or George Bush's irony. But the real definition of irony? I'm so confused as to what "irony" truly means these days, 'cause so many people keep fucking it up and misusing it. Kinda like "literally".

Plea deal for ex-Village People cop:
"(07-19) 11:12 PDT REDWOOD CITY -- Former Village People lead singer Victor Willis pleaded no contest today to drug charges in San Mateo County Superior Court in a plea deal that could land him in state prison for up to two years or in a drug treatment program."
Go down rapping, baby, go down rapping. Meet your maker spitting fire, bitch!

Death row inmate Mauriceo Brown: His writings on
Dead man walking
I might look woke up but I'm sleeping
Dead man walking
Dead man walking"
REALLY! Shockingly ironic, literally! Religious organizations who should not be receiving federal funds (fuckers should be taxed, to boot) but who are thanks to Shrub, are using that money to discriminate? Hard to believe..... pffffft.

Report Faults Safeguards in Religion Program:
"WASHINGTON, July 18 — The Bush administration’s program of financing social service initiatives run by religiously affiliated groups lacks adequate safeguards against religious discrimination and has yet to measure the performance of the groups, a new Congressional report says.

The report, by the Government Accountability Office, did not find evidence of a widespread diversion of government money to religious activity from social services, which had been a concern of some critics of such religion-based initiatives."

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