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DBT Week in Review - 8/25

Ava's Man:

I'm currently reading Rick Bragg's book Ava's Man and when I saw this picture posted by datdork on the Ninebullets Board:, I immediately thought "Ava's Man". The "awwwww" factor is through the roof on this one. Great pictures, datdork!

(The title of the thread is "PICS Patterson Hood and the Screwtopians 8/19/06 Private Party". I didn't ask permissions to post the picture, so, datdork, if you want me to pull it down let me know)

But let's not forget that this isn't Patterson's only child. He and Cooley had a love child several years back and the result is below. Such a proud papa and doting mama!

(I've used this picture in a WIR before and probably used the same joke, so pardon the reducdancy, but it makes me laugh)

Update from Jenn:

Los Angeles - Monday, August 28 - Jason, Shonna, EZB and John Neff are hanging out an extra day in LA to play at King King with Marc Ford of the Black Crowes. Be there or be incredibly unhappy about it!

Kyle from the DBT Yahoo Group posted this link to an article on Cameron Strang, the President of New West Records. Great read.

FMQB: Cameron Strang:
"Ben Lee and Drive-By Truckers are good examples of artists who were “critics’ darlings” but took awhile to sell some units. What were the most important tools you employed that allowed them to get traction and sell records?

Again, one of the best tools we had was one of the principles we talked about earlier – having a long-term vision for the artists. One of the things about this business is you have to do some things that in the short run don’t make sense, but will hopefully look like good decisions in the long run, and each artist is different. With Drive-By Truckers, one of the things we all felt strongly about was the live show. Early on we took a good chunk of the budget and put those guys on the road. We got with management and said, “Let’s put them on the road and get to these markets at least twice. All over the U.S. ” It paid off in spades because one of the goals we had for the band was to sell out The Fillmore within a year after we signed them, and they did it! It took an initial investment; it took getting them in the market twice. Now they’re making a living doing shows.

The other thing that’s been a big tool for us is the Internet. It really allows bands to get to the point of critical mass in terms of the fan base. I don’t know that the Internet’s the be-all-and-end-all when you have to sell millions of records to make your business plan make sense, but it certainly helps take a band from 10,000 to 50,000."

Again from the DBT Yahoo Group: Red Rocks Pics: bbdodge1970 gives us a link to the Amorica board that has some great photos of the DBT at Red Rocks.

If you want to listen to the Red Rocks set, check out Archives. Buttholeville is particularly smoking.

Over on Nine Bullets board, bobmarlon from New West is looking for some Trucker fans to assist in promoting the Fall 06 tour. His message is below. Here is his email:
"As you all probably know the Drive-By Truckers have a huge headlining tour approaching and we are looking to get together a group of Drive-By Truckers fans to help us with the upcoming tour. We are looking for anyone who lives in or near any of these upcoming markets.

Sep 1 Fri Helotes, TX Floores Country Store w/ Cross Canadian Ragweed
Sep 2 Sat Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street w/ Cross Canadian Ragweed
Sep 3 Sun Ft. Worth, TX Billy Bobs w/ Cross Canadian Ragweed
Sep 14 Thu Macon, GA Capitol Theatre (don’t post)
Sep 15 Fri Knoxville, TN Historic Tennessee Theatre
Sep 16 Sat Charleston, SC Charleston Music & Heritage Festival
Sep 17 Sun North Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Sep 19 Tue Boston, MA Avalon Ballroom
Sep 20 Wed Northhampton, MA Pearl Street
Sep 21 Thu New York, NY Webster Hall
Sep 22 Fri Philadelphia, PA Theatre of living Arts
Sep 23 Sat Baltimore, MD Virgin Festival
Sep 26 Tue State College, PA Crowbar
Sep 27 Wed Lancaster, PA Chameleon
Sep 29 Fri Durham, NC Carolina Theater
Sep 30 Sat Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Oct 8 Sun San Francisco, CA Speedway Meadows
Oct 13 Fri Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
Oct 14 Sat Cleveland, OH House of Blues
Oct 15 Sun Millvale, PA Mr. Smalls Theater
Oct 18 Wed Toronto, ON The Phoenix
Oct 19 Thu Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom
Oct 20 Fri Detroit, MI Majestic Theatre
Oct 21 Sat Louisville, KY Brown Theatre
Oct 24 Tue Bloomington, IN Bluebird Nightclub
Oct 25 Wed St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights
Oct 26 Thu Nashville, TN War Memorial Auditorium
Oct 27 Fri Memphis, TN New Daisy
Oct 28 Sat New Orleans, LA Voodoo Fest

Anyone interested in joining will be expected to help get a buzz going for there area. We will send out flyers, download cards, posters, and any other merch we can get to help you out. We are also looking to get input from you because we are open to suggestions.

If you love the truckers and want to give back this is the perfect way to have fun make friends and get involved with the greatest rock band in the world.

Please send me an email if your interested in helping out"

Live show recorder extraordinaire, Sloan Simpson, from Southern Shelter, was recently written about in Flagpole Magazine. Great article on a great taper:

Flagpole Magazine:
"Sloan is an amazing person. He is invaluable to the music scene simply for his interest alone, says Brown Frown's Andrew Prater. It seems like every time I go to a show, Sloan is there to tape it. That goes for bands great and small alike. The fact that he takes the time to go see and tape local bands translates into a great feeling of support and interest. It makes everyone feel a warm fuzzy in their tummy.�

So what, aside from warm fuzzies, makes someone drive up from Atlanta, where he works and lives, night after night, to record bands that sometimes have audiences of fewer than 20 people? And then work diligently afterwards to get the shows posted on the Internet, often within 24 hours?

�A lot of it came from seeing bands I didn't know about opening for people like Drive-By Truckers, Barbara Cue and Vic Chesnutt, acts that were already on my radar here in Atlanta,� says Simpson. �I'd record some of [the opening acts], become a fan of their music, and eventually find out which members were involved in other bands. Since so many musicians are in multiple bands in Athens, it soon turned into something like the �Kevin Bacon Game,' each show by an Athens band I hadn't seen before led me to discover yet another band.�"

Adam Smith, a great photographer who has snapped several of the DBT has launched a new website of his work. Check it out!

dbts : Message: Adam Smith -NEW WEBSITE:
"friends, I hope all are well. I just wanted people in the DBT world that I just blasted off my new website!

I hope you will take the time and have a look. Comments and Crits are welcomed...shit I can't believe I just said that on this damn board cause I might get torn apart from what I have seen lately.

thank you for your time.

While Wheeler from Alablawg may focus mainly on the law and politics of Alabama and the nation, he's a man of music, too, and he has some thoughts on the recent audtion for American Idol in Birmingham:

The Alablawg: A Southern Man Don’t Need [American Idol] Around Anyhow:
But let me say right here and right now, that any Ruben wannabe who sings “Sweet Home Alabama” for their audition should immediately be told they ain’t the one and booted out of the arena unless said poser can first:

1. Tell us who “Mr. Young” is.

2. Explain who ”ol’ Neil” put down and how he did it.

3. Identify the Guvnah so loved by Birminghamians, and the source of the felicity.

4. Tell us why Watergate ought to have burdened anyone’s conscience.

5. Point to Muscle Shoals on a map.

6. Finally, be a Ken Jennings wannabe and tell us to what question Montgomery’s got the answer.

You got that right. If you are an AI contestant, before you can even tell the judges what’s your name, you have to answer these questions. The only thing you need to ask is was I right or was I wrong. "

My response to the below article from the NYT is, "Fuck you, Music Industry". Just because you guys haven't been intune enough to keep up with technology and flexible enough to morph you business plans to reflect the hyper changing music market you try to squeeze blood out of every turnip you can get your hands on. Big corporations suck!

Now the Music Industry Wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing - New York Times:
"In the last few months, trade groups representing music publishers have used the threat of copyright lawsuits to shut down guitar tablature sites, where users exchange tips on how to play songs like “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” “Highway to Hell” and thousands of others."

And article on Johnny Cash from beyond the grave:

Can pop music be both great art and shameless kitsch? By Jody Rosen:
"These days, it's hard to find anyone who isn't a Johnny Cash fan. Three years after his death, he's become one of those rare musicians held in near-universal esteem. Everyone knows he's great, and his music is touched with such timeless and ineffable cool that hipsters still love him despite his embrace by the unhip. "

I'm practicing for next years competition:

Rock this way -- does Hot Lixx Hulahan have the goods to be the air guitar god?:
"The reigning U.S. Air Guitar Champion sat in his Alameda backyard Saturday morning and said, 'After watching these guys, I had to stop making fun of it. These guys had turned it into performance art and it wasn't just wanking in front of the mirror with a tube sock around your head -- it was art.'"

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