Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sex, Swearing and Weed

This post's title ought to light up some search engines. Seriously, if you have a blog just use some sexual dirty words in your titles then sit back and watch the traffic flow in. Amazing.


Today we've got Iran's President challenging Bush to a televised debate. There is no way in Hades that this will EVER happen but let's say Chief Doofus accepted this debate. A thousand 9/11s couldn't do the damage to the U.S. as one Bush debate on a world stage. I don't think Bush would ever get past trying to pronounce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's name.


Mother Joker's in the White House and nobody gives a damn.


Tsk, Tsk. Republican cut-and-runners.


Brownie is blamin' the administration for the Katrina debacle and rightly so. But here's where I've got a problem:
'I have to confess ... you want to protect the president when you're a political appointee,' he said, 'so you're torn between telling the absolute truth and relying on those talking points. To this day, that is my biggest regret. '
I have to confess, Brownie, that as a political appointee your first job should not be to cover the president's ass. Especially when you work in EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT for the country. Your first job is to protect the citizens and if you recognize that a component of the government is not functioning in a manner that fully PROTECTS THE CITIZENS then it is your duty to "tell the absolute truth".

Heckuva job, fucker.

Wacky tobacky's dull cousin is making a come back, hopefully. Why, oh, why can't an agricultural state like Alabama take the lead on this. (Obviously a rhetorical question).

California Seeks to Clear Hemp of a Bad Name:
"But what gets him excited is the crop he sees as a potential windfall for California farmers: industrial hemp, or Cannabis sativa. The rapidly growing plant with a seemingly infinite variety of uses is against federal law to grow because of its association with its evil twin, marijuana.

“Industrial hemp is a wholesome product,” said Mr. Meyer, 65, who says he has never worn tie-dye and professes a deep disdain for “dope.”

“The fact we’re not growing it is asinine,” Mr. Meyer said."
Asinine, indeed. Asinine.... what a great word.


How the buttfuck am I suppose the know the motherfucking answer to this question, you cocksucker? Intercouse you! Intercourse you right in the ear!

Why are sex words our worst swearwords?:
"Bodily function words, while popular, are not universally taboo. In Finnish, Liberman says, all sexual acts and sex organs can be expressed in language clean enough for Ann Landers. You can't employ Finnish sexual words to swear, he says, since it would come out something like 'Oh, intercourse!'"

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