Friday, September 22, 2006

DBT Week in Review - 9/22

OK, my two passions again? DBT and politics. So what do I see on one of the big (and one of my favorite) political blogs the other day? REM and Patterson Hood. I believe this video is from the boys at Ninebullets, but it was linked to on C&L. If you don't visit Crooks you should. You'll never need to what cable or network news again.

Crooks and Liars Late Nite Music Club with REM and friends:
"Bertis Downs is an old friend of mine; he’s also R.E.M.’s manager and a Crooks and Liars LNMC fan. He sent me a cool, FUN video last week. The backstory is here. And the contest is for an autographed copy of Peter Clothier’s fantastic new book, The Real Bush Diaries. I’ll give 3 books away for the best list of R.E.M. covers– in other words, your favorite R.E.M. songs performed by other artists. Entries to"
Let's keep is rolling with this progressive/rock theme with some words from Patterson:

The Sound of History - The Drive By Truckers:
The old Mason/Dixon criteria is largely moot, and it's become a more red state/blue state issue and a rural/urban issue. Which is still bullshit. Americans aren't as different from each other as we often think. We're just easier to control and manipulate when we're too busy fighting each other to notice we're being sold down the river by a few really rich powerful MF's"

"As long as poor white people are fighting with poor black people, nothing will ever change. To the powers that be we're all just the same. Bush wouldn't like me any better than he would Kanye West.'
Amen, brother, amen. George Bush doesn't like black people.... and Patterson Hood. And anybody that doesn't like Patterson Hood.... I won't even finish the statement 'cause y'all know, y'all know.

I'll move back to Alabama when the governor's race is between Patterson Hood of the "Progressive Rock" Party vs. Charles "The Hamma'" Barkley of the "I use to be Republican 'til I figure out I was black" Party.


This bit regarding Jason's reading habits caught my eye:

Macon Telegraph Drive-by Truckers on a roll all over:
He's also read a couple of Chuck Pahlaniuk's books, known for their visceral intensity.

'When I read the first chapter of 'Haunted,' I felt like I was gonna throw up,' he said. 'Then I later heard that at his readings, dozens of of people had fainted during that chapter.'"
I read this book about 3 months ago. The first chapter is the most brutal literature you could possibly ever read. I was sitting in Golden Gate park during lunch after I had purchased Haunted at the school's bookstore. That first chapter had me pacing around, wanting to puke, wanting to throw the book from my hand but I just couldn't stop reading. Borrow that book (don't buy it because beyond the first chapter the book is crap, IMO) go somewhere alone and read that first chapter. Try not to feel faint. It is brutal.


Speaking of Jason, y'all know he did a version of Outkast's 'Hey Ya!' with DBT. You can listen to it below. Well there is a YouTube out of a folksy singer who does a mellow, worthy version that is worth a look.

Obadiah Parker: Hey Ya!
Jason/DBT - Hey Ya!

Here is some more YouTube fun:

Gravity's Gone Acoustic at Grimey's Records
YouTube - DBT

Here an old school video. Nice mustache, Patterson.
YouTube - Drive-By Truckers "One of these days"

Someone put together old stock footage of the battle of Iwo Jima to the sounds of Patterson's Sands of Iwo Jim
YouTube - The Sands of Iwo Jima

Kinda sappy, but cool that people are using DBT's music for the soundtracks of their lives.
YouTube - Tribute To My Friends

Here is Ms. Audra Brown of Zip City fame. She's the youngun' that a year or so ago sang Zip City with the band on a couple of occassions. She has her own rock band now and apparently competed in a rock off or was part of a rock camp. Either way, DBT is inspiring the youth of america to pick up guitars and to lay down the rock. Good on ya, Audra!
YouTube - Most Popular Misfit by Try A Little Harder


Alright, so it's Friday ("...I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job") and you might be bored at work and thinking to yourself "how could I support the band today". One easy way is to freep these Yahoo! Answer thingies. When you do a search for DBT or Drive-by Truckers on Yahoo, they pimp their "Yahoo! Answers" above the search results. There are a few that are DBT related. Throw a comment in to support the viral marketing of DBT. Just another way to spread the good word

Yahoo! Answers - Got a minute or three?
Yahoo! Answers - Does anyone recognize that the Drive-By Truckers is one of the best bands out there right now?
Yahoo! Answers - The Drive-By-Truckers are the best songwriting band since Uncle Tupelo broke up, anyone agree or disagree?


F'ing Awwwww! I'm mean, cute as can be..... "Who's Jesus and how big is he".

Nine Bullets:
"Our 3 year old daughter loves DBT, and Shonna. But, the best part is when she expounds on the meanings of the songs. Here's a sample of what DBT means when you're 3. Right now, she's hooked on Decoration Day...

The Deeper In - 'the creepy song'
Sinkhole - 'the one about the Daddy's farm'
Hell No, I Ain't Happy - 'the mad one'
Marry Me - 'this is Mike singing, the others are just rocking'
My Sweet Annette -' a song about a horse' -huh??? I think she's confusing alter with halter
Outfit - 'Who's Jesus and how big is he?' - thanks a lot Jason
Something's Gotta Give - 'the boyfriend song'
Pin Hits the Shell - 'this song is about a cowboy, and my horse' "

From the Nine Bullets posting board, Roland Doobie (Best. Screenname. Ever.) commissioned the Freed's to do a family portrait. Really, really cool. When I get up enought scratch... um, and a family, I guess, I'm gonna have Wes do one for me, too. Click the link to see the thread and a picture of the portrait.

Nine Bullets:
"Just wanted to brag about my newest purchase. The wife and I celebrated our tenth anniversary this summer, and to commemerate the occasion I had a 'family portrait' commisioned by Wes Freed. I contacted the Freeds over a year ago and through numerous e-mails described what I wanted. They were very thoughtful on giving me what I wanted and helpful in offering artistic suggestions (acrylic over water color, etc.). The end product is stunning and everyone in the family is more than happy with the final product.
It is now the single coolest thing in the house, and the kids finally have something to fight over when Jen and I are dead.

I just wanted to say that I have no affiliation with the Freed's prior to the painting, and I highly recommend Wes for all your fine art needs."

THE DRAMS! I get to see them again this Monday in SF. Wooo-fuckin'-hooo!

KellyD on the Yahoo list turns us onto this article

Jubilee dive- Pasadena Weekly:
"Best and Barr haven’t entirely forsaken their Stonesy swagger, but their guitar fury is tempered and given bluesy texture in the Drams by Stockslager’s organ pads. The change in instrumental and vocal choices has given Best new harmonies and tonal colors to play with, resulting in surprisingly poppy songs. “You Won’t Forget,” for instance, matches Beatles-esque bounce with Chicago-style horns."
Here is the Drams' set list from Cooley's birf-day party:
Break up Song
Rich Girl
Never U Mind
Shape I'm In – The Band
You Won't Forget
Winter Long
Here You Come Again
Crudely Draw
Trust Jesus – Slobberbone

The Dixie Butcher aka Jyl Freed says you might be an UnsophisticA-tit Rustic if:

Willard's Garage: You Might Be an UnsophisticA-tit Rustic If....: "
You might be an Unsophisticated Rustic if you keep live Virginia Opossums in your home. Which we don't. Right now. "

The Ninebullet's board learned me, this week, what a Wookie was. Too funny:


via largeheartedboy

List of lists of songs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Much posting was done on the Yahoo list this week on Willie's drug bust. Since, I've seen 3 or 4 celebrities on talk shows discuss getting smoked out by Willie. In the latest edition of Playboy (I steal my friend's copy just for the articles) they do 20 questions with Johnny Knoxville and he discusses Willie getting him WAY fucked up once right before he had to do several promo interviews. Funny stuff:

My Way News - Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession:
During a search of the bus, Williams say approximately 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana and approximately 2/10 of a pound of mushrooms were located on the bus.

Apparently Keith ain't hanging out with Willie. Willie's got the good shit.

The Sun Online - Bizarre: Keef: I've quit 'weak' drugs:
“And you’re talking to a person who knows his drugs.”


Anonymous said...

Check out this shout out to DBT from Craig Finn of the OUTSTANDING band The Hold Steady. I think the comparison ("DBT for Yankees") is pretty apt.

Q: What other contemporary bands do you feel akin to or just like what they are doing?

A: Drive-By Truckers is a big one. Lucero, the Constantines, the Thermals, the Mountain Goats, the Weakerthans. That’s a pretty big list and those are all bands that we are friends with and have respect for. Actually to be honest, we don’t know some of those bands. We don’t know Drive-By Truckers at all.

Q: I’ve kind of noticed the similarities between you and the Drive-By Truckers. I know you guys both worked with John Agnello.

A: He mixed their record and he produced ours. Someone said in our first record review that it was like Drive-By Truckers for Yankees, and I actually liked that. It’s both people telling stories based on where they came from. The Drive-By Truckers obviously have that specific southern place they are coming from, mine is Minneapolis, but it is also just more suburban—kind of universally suburban, having a car and living outside the city but not in it, driving around and listening to the radio, getting high or whatever. That’s where my songs come from. A lot of the stuff takes place in Minneapolis when I was a teenager. It’s easy in rock & roll to go back to your teenage years because it seems like a rock & roll age.

AAW said...

Nice! I'm seeing a lot more bands relating to DBT in the press these days.

I haven't heard "The Hold Steady". I'll give 'em a listen