Monday, October 02, 2006

If I Died in Colbert Report County

Update: Welcome, Colbert Nation! If you want to know more about the county in Alabama that was named after Stephen, give the Drive-by Truckers a listen. Great music and great stories. Several of the songs mention Stephen by name, even.... well, by last name at least. Check 'em out!

Update2: I do have to state, however, that it is unfortunate that a good old country boy like Stephen had to move off to the big city and Frenchify his name. Stephen, deep down you know you want to pronounce it correctly. Be proud of where you're from. Cawl-bert... not Cole-bear. As Jason Isbel from the Drive-by Truckers sings in Outfit, "Don't sing with a fake British accent...." Fake French accents are just as bad, Stephen, just... as.... bad.

I was wondering how long it was gonna take them to come to Co-bear County for a bit.

Colbert coming to Colbert:

"TUSCUMBIA -- Yeah, yeah, we all know the county's name is pronounced 'Colbert,' with the emphasis on the first syllable, a sort of schwa-sounding 'e' and a 't' that's pronounced aloud.

But there's no sense in trying to tell that to Stephen Colbert -- or at least the character he plays on Comedy Central's 'The Colbert Report.'

Despite the same spelling, his last name is pronounced with a silent 'l,' emphasis on the second syllable, short 'e' and silent 't.'

Nonetheless, the self-applauding, egocentric Stephen Colbert character is convinced Colbert County was named after him.

As a thank you, he plans to open 'The Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop' in Tuscumbia.


Well, not so seriously.

Either way, it's actually going take place and is going to be part of an October storyline on the program, which airs weeknights at 10:30 on the national cable network.

And, either way, it's going to bring national exposure to Tuscumbia and the county during the course of two or three days that month, said Jeff Cooperman, senior producer of 'The Colbert Report.'

Representatives of the show will tape for a couple of days early next week, likely Tuesday and Wednesday, Cooperman said.

They will return for an Oct. 4 'grand opening' of the museum, he said. Colbert, himself, isn't scheduled to come to the event.

Ultimately, the joke will be that Colbert (Stephen, that is) isn't as popular as he thought, because the museum closes for lack of interest the next day.

Those tapings will be put together for the two to three days it'll air on 'The Colbert Report,' Cooperman said. That will be in October, but the dates haven't been set.

'The premise is Stephen Colbert wants to open his museum, and what better place than a county that is named for him,' Cooperman said. 'This town seems like the perfect place to send his building manager -- a guy named Tad (played by one of the show's staff, Paul Dinello) -- to open the museum.'

Cooperman said final details of the museum's location are being ironed out, although it likely will be a Main Street spot.

'It'll be a running adventure of Tad's effort to get Stephen's dream off the ground,' Cooperman said.

He adds, tongue-in-cheek, 'One thing Stephen is going to try to figure out is why you guys pronounce Stephen's last name wrong.'"

Alright... it must be done. We've got to discuss boy lover Foley. Check out the actually IMs here. We have 'bottom bouncing in the air' and measurements being taken and a dirty old man hitting on 16 year old boys.

Bottom (no pun intended) line is the guy is a perv.... not because he is attracted to other guys... nothing wrong with that. It is because he liked YOUNG, possible ILLEGAL boys, not grown men. Also, these boys were pages who WORKED for the man. And the Republicans knew about Foley for years, yet never did anything.... other than warn the pages to stay away from Foley. And, AND the guy worked on legislation to protect minors from weirdos such as himself. He sat on a child protection committee for gods sake. The Republicans let him after they knew.

Today we learn that Rep. Foley has entered alcohol rehab. How convenient for him. He's taking responsibility for the 'disease' he has which prevents him from being responsible for his actions. At least that's more than Bush did with his alcoholism.

But, really, it is no big deal according to the Republican party. My god, it was only a couple of 'naughty emails'. Jesus, you'd think you people saw a accesorized nipple on tv during a football game. I mean grow up.

Republican party or NAMBLA. Same-same or same-same? You be the judge.

Just listen to the outrage on the Christian Right web


As a parting shot... foxes in the hen house.

Abramoff team had 485 contacts with White House:
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Jack Abramoff had hundreds of contacts with White House officials, but they brought mixed results for the convicted lobbyist's clients, according to a congressional report.

The draft report of the House Government Reform Committee said the documents -- largely Abramoff's billing records and e-mails -- listed 485 lobbying contacts with White House officials over three years, including 10 with top Bush aide Karl Rove."

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