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DBT WIR - 11/3

UPDATE: 5 P.M. PST - Patterson's got some new post up on his Gibson blog. Check 'em

Via Jane from the Yahoo Group: There's a great article in Flagpole with Patterson.

Biggest tidbit in the article is a documentary of the Truckers that should be in film festivals next year. Oh, fucking boy! I'm almost erect at the thought of a DBT documentary.

Here's the link to the article. It may not work b/c Flagpole has some weird web set up so go to the main Flagpole site. Find "Music" on the right hand side and click "Features".

"That calling to rock and roll is what filmmaker Barr Weissman has been exploring in his upcoming documentary about the Drive-By Truckers.

'Barr's not a music guy. That's what attracted us to him when he first made the pitch to us,' says Hood. 'He had never done anything that had to do with music before, and we really liked that. We didn't want to do a music video or a business kinda thing, a band versus their record company story. His pitch to us was that he considered himself one of those people who uses that phrase, 'rock and roll saved my life as a teenager.' He wanted to [make] a love letter to those aspects of rock 'n' roll that starred us.

'That's one of the things all the members of our band all have in common is we all fall into that group of people that never really found anything that we fit into other than rock 'n' roll music.'

Now in post-production, the film is slated for a tour of film festivals next year."

Here's a link to the Nuci's info referenced in the article:

Nuci's Space - Resource Center and Climate Controlled Practice Spaces for Musicians


Nine Bullets' posting board has been on fire of late with all kinds of fun things. Definitely go on over and check out the picture, setlist and reviews of some of DBT's last shows. My two favorite post of the week have been from the mind of Kudzu Guillotine:

First, in the spirit of Colbert (the Comedy Central host, not the county in AL) Kudzu puts us "On Notice"

Then he creates one hell of a fun post with the DBT Picture Game:

Nine Bullets:
"The object is to offer a picture, or a series of pictures as clues. Once someone gives the correct answer some new picture clues can be posted. I'll start 'er off with this one: "
My favorite so far is the "Daddy's Cup" picture combo. Hysterical. But that ain't the only 'laugh-out-load' post in that thread.


The DBT Yahoo Board has been hopping as well. With Nine Bullets and the Yahoo Group, we're going to have plenty to talk about and plenty new music to discover while our boys and girl are on hiatus.

Anthony raises the blood pressure with this inspired post after the Memphis show:

dbts : Message: Memphis:
"Ladies and Gentlemen- The Mutha Fuckin DRIVE BY TRUCKERS!!!

And so began the sonic assault Friday night in Memphis. Here it is Sunday afternoon, and I'm still feeling the effects of such a rocking show. My ears are feeling a little better, my lungs are able to expand a little more, my abdominal muscles are sore, I have a little more of my voice back. I got gang raped by DBT and loved every minute of it."
"Gang raped by DBT...." Every young boy and girls fantasy, indeed!

Here's something from Mark Brown regarding the Memphis show:

dbts : Message: Re: Memphis:
It was the end of the tour with the Drams, nearly the end of the tour for DBT and it is capping a great run for this band. They will finish the year and take some time off. Everyone in the band is looking forward to that and they deserve it. A year will bring change, new solo albums out, family time and fresh loads of inspiration. Who knows what is next but whatever it is and wherever it leads, you can be sure that I will follow....The Drive-By Truckers!!"
We're all following right behing you Mark!


We welcome Nancy to the DBT family and Yahoo Group. She joined the group and gave us a big "Howdo". We "Howdo" right back and asked her how she got turned on to DBT. Her response:

dbts : Message: what a warm and fuzzy welcome!!:
"I got turned on to DBT through, of all things, The New Yorker magazine. I read it religiously and a few years back, I really can't remember exactly when, there was a review of a concert DBT did in the city. A really GLOWING review. It was well written and persuasive enough that I tucked DBT into the recesses of my brain, thinking if I ever ran across them in my travels I would have to check them out. Fast forward a year or two: I was scheduled to go to NYC for a conference and while perusing the net to see who might be playing out in the clubs there, I discover DBT is booked to play at Irving Place while I am there. Secured tickets to the show, went to the show and never looked back. At that point, I was only familiar with 'The Dirty South' and 'Decoration Day' ( both of which I still enjoy playing for the uninitiated .... the response invariably is 'who IS that?' ). I have only been able to catch them one other time, at the SPAC in Albany last summer when they opened for the Black Crowes. I actually forked over a large wad of cash to one of the internet scalper deals so I could get a seat fairly close to the stage, and I truly was only interested in the concert because of DBT. It was, naturally, very disappointing to have very few folks actually present for their concert and have them play such a short time, but hey, I was happy just to be able to hear/see them live again."

Here's another newbie, Cathy, who just posted today for the first time:

dbts : Message: DBT at Voodoo Fest:
"Good evening!

I joined this list so I could tell someone who'd understand about how the DBT set at Voodoo Fest had tears running down my face, and I wasn't even thinking sad thoughts. The general themes, which are familiar to you all, just seemed to uncork something in this New Orleanian."

Very nice, Cathy. Thanks for sharin'. We love our Nawlins folk.

Other Music News

This article isn't tellin' us DBT Yahoo Board members anything we don't already know:

Music may ease symptoms of schizophrenia:
"LONDON (Reuters) - Music therapy many help to ease the depression, anxiety and emotional withdrawal symptoms of schizophrenia, British scientists said on Wednesday."

Maybe someday they'll wheel Patterson and Cooley across they stage in Cleveland, each holding the other's colostomy bag, to be inducted.

Rock Hall of Fame names nominees for `07:
"NEW YORK - Van Halen is trying to make their biggest 'jump' yet — into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with potential 2007 classmates such as R.E.M., Chic, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five."

Gene Simmons... Marketing Super Genius:

Smells Like Middle-Age Spirit:
"Lending a whole new meaning to the phrase 'kiss and make up,' the legendary rock band KISS has brought its brand name to a cosmetics counter near you. Those who want to adopt the 'rock and roll all night, party all day' lifestyle can now forgo the exhausting social whirl, and only spritz on some eau de Gene Simmons. KISS Him cologne and KISS Her perfume, which went on sale on Oct. 1, are sold in department and retail stores for around $39."

So, the networks refused to air the Dixie Chicks promo for their documentary, which is totally politically, bullshittedly motivated:

The networks' refusal to accept ads for The Dixie Chicks documentary:
"The new documentary, Shut Up & Sing, chronicles the hostile and sometimes threatening conduct directed towards The Dixie Chicks after one of the group's members criticized the Commander-in-Chief, President George W. Bush, during a 2003 concert. The documentary is being distributed by Harvey Weinstein's film company, and a preview for the film can be seen here."

Natalie Maines rocks the house, though.

Maines Regrets Bush Apology:
"Dixie Chicks star Natalie Maines regrets the public apology she made after blasting U.S. President George W. Bush onstage in London -- because he has never earned her respect."

Maines jokes she should have claimed she was intoxicated when she made her comments: "I wasn't about to say, 'Oh sorry, I didn't mean it, I was drunk, let's go to rehab ...' Sales probably would have been huge."

Update: Lou Reed releases a techno remis of Wild Side. He changes the lyrics to bash Bush, so, even thought the remix kinda sucks, IMO, still its Lou Reed and he's bashing Bush.


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