Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Irish Whiskey Dicks

My lead article today isn't about politics. We'll get to that soon enough. It is about something far greater than politics.... Whiskey... and Coffee.

If you didn't know, Irish Coffee orginated in San Francisco at the Buena Vista Cafe. Big rumblings of late as the Mecca of Irish Coffee has changed their brand for the first time. This is some serious shit. Especially since the distillery that makes the original is name 'Cooley Distillery'. We ALL know that anything named 'Cooley' knows a potato-load about whiskey.

Here's the tale:

Coffee, cream, sugar and -- Irish whiskey / ... but Buena Vista changed brands:
"The Bay Area has been rocked on its heels in the last month or so. The 49ers may move to Santa Clara and the Athletics are going to Fremont. But just under the radar something really serious has happened -- the venerable Buena Vista cafe has altered the recipe for Irish coffee.

The Buena Vista, at the foot of Hyde Street, is where Irish coffee first came to America, 54 years ago this month. The Buena Vista is the largest single consumer of Irish whiskey in the country -- 18,720 liter-sized bottles a year. The Buena Vista is the cathedral of Irish coffee in the United States.

Just because the good guys won on November 7 doesn't mean that the bad guys have faded into the mist. Your 'liberal' media is still not 'liberal' and is still spewing the same old misinformation, I mean, LIES.

Let's shed some light on the cock-a-roaches.....

Drudge Blows It: Latest Attack On Gore’s Global Warming Stance Falls Flat

Drudge blows, for sure.

NEWSFLASH! FOX is not fair and balanced. Shocking, I know:

Rep. Frank Accuses Fox News Host of Bias:
"Following in President Clinton's footsteps, a prominent Democratic congressman yesterday accused a Fox News anchor of conducting a skewed interview designed to make Democrats look bad."

Someone over at Daily Kos is Calling Bullshit on America


Hopefully, an era of enlightenment and reason:

The conservative era is over. What will replace it?:
"Though George W. Bush is as right-wing as Reagan or Gingrich, he has managed to terminate the conservative era. Bush did this, first of all, by joining with congressional Republicans in treating the federal budget as a Christmas stocking for supporters. Rapidly accumulating deficits and growth in federal spending—from 18.3 percent of GDP in Clinton's final year to 20.3 percent in 2006—undermined the association of conservatism with limited government. On social, moral, and scientific issues, Bush tilted so far to the right that he scared away secular, socially moderate, and libertarian Republicans. Finally, Bush's feckless foreign policy discredited optional military intervention, much as Johnson and Nixon did in Vietnam."

Ain't that a bitch.... I said, AIN'T THAT A BITCH!

Woman's body found behind bookcase:
"NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida (AP) -- A woman's body was found wedged upside-down behind a bookcase in the home she shared with relatives who had spent nearly two weeks looking for her."

FINALLY!!! I'm SO buying stock in this company! Dudes will NEVER forget to take the pill.

UK scientists invent male 'pill' that can be taken hours before sex:
"British scientists have developed a revolutionary pill that men could take as a one-off contraceptive just before a date.

The tablet would prevent a man from being able to impregnate a woman, but within a few hours his fertility would return to normal."

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