Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Night 2 of the Colbert Report in Colbert County aired last night. They've done a great job with the skit. You know how skittish we Southerners are about being made fun of. C.R. has struck a perfect balance so far and the community in Tuscumbia has really let their sense of humor shine.

Here's an article in the

'Colbert Report' reactions positive:
"TUSCUMBIA -- Whether you pronounce it 'Col-bert' or 'Col-bear,' the county is already receiving attention after its appearance Tuesday on 'The Colbert Report"

Been talking a lot lately about 'San Francisco Values'. Let's take a look at how Georgie Bush can get on the bandwagon by incorporating some 'San Francisco Style' into the Oral... I mean Oval Office:

"OK, it’s unlikely that the results of the election will mean that President Bush switches to a Northern California design aesthetic anytime soon. But just in case he is considering such a move, here are some choices (pictured in the illustration above and on the cover) that embody “San Francisco style.’’

1 California Old Vine Zinfandel. Iconic, to offer friends who are not on the wagon."

Looks like daytime Soap Operas are committing 'whole hog' to the SF value express:

'AMC' introducing transgender character:
"NEW YORK - In a story unusual even for a soap opera and believed to be a television first, ABC's 'All My Children' this week will introduce a transgender character who is beginning to make the transition from a man into a woman.

The character, a flamboyant rock star known as Zarf, kisses the lesbian character Bianca and much drama ensues. The storyline begins with Thursday's episode of the daytime drama."

Since the Republicans were thoroughly trounced on November 7, there's been a serious lack of fear in the U.S. I got kinda use to the constant drumbeat of being scared about something or the other over the past 5 years.

So let's inject a little fear in our lives to pay respect to those goofballs:

Flu viruses survive frozen in lakes, study finds:
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Influenza virus can live for decades and perhaps even longer in frozen lakes and might be picked up and carried by birds to reinfect animals and people, researchers reported on Tuesday.

The perfect holiday gift. I know several people I'll be sending this to.

You might remember that I posted something last week about a fantastic product that allows you to freeze you puppy's poop before you pick it up. Jenn B. turned me onto to the great product.

Well, I recently received an email from Fred L. that one-ups the frozen puppy poop by supplying me with the actual poop if I don't have a puppy:


This one is easy to believe as I spent time with my 12 y.o. nephew over T.G. His foot size is bigger than mine and I wear an 11. He's also shaving....

10 is the new 15 as kids grow up faster


Finally, from an email I received this morning. Don't know who these guys are but it is further proof that Hell is where all the cool, funny people are gonna be hanging out:

Big DBT post coming tomorrow!

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