Tuesday, November 14, 2006

San Francisco Values

San Francisco (don't call it 'Frisco) values are being prepared and packaged to be shipped across the nation come January. Here's a sample from America's next goodie basket:

S.F. supervisors to vote on softening pot enforcement:
"San Francisco's Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on legislation that would set nearly all crimes involving marijuana as the lowest law enforcement priority for city police.
Oh, hell yeah! You like that, dontcha! Puff-puff-pass and don't sweat it.

What does the opposition have to say about this measure?:
'This measure, which would legalize the unlimited growth and sales (of marijuana) on private property, will make public spitting and (leaving chewing) gum ... on the sidewalk higher priorities,' said Kim Stryker, voicing opposition before the supervisors' City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee."
Public spitting and throwing trash on the sidewalks should be higher freakin' priorities than busting someone burning a joint in the park. Throw public shitting in their too because in some neighborhoods you better be looking down when you stroll.

The "War on Drugs" is a joke and a waste:
"'There are many better ways that we can be using our tax dollars and empowering our law enforcement than wasting money and police resources on marijuana offenses,' Ammiano said. 'This ordinance would allow San Francisco to join other forward-thinking cities. It will not result in San Francisco becoming Amsterdam West.'
A-frickin'-men! Oh, and I don't have any problem with being Amsterdam West. When do we get hookers behind glass?


'Member yesterday when I cursed the supposed "bipartisan" tone the Dems are somehow required to take on after the election. Otherwise we're just a bunch of liberal dicks. Well, theny, let's take a way-back trip to 1994. There is this fella that's name after a frog and he has this contract that he wants 'Merica to sign on to. We all know how that turned out. But 1994 was the Republican Revolution and did they play nice? What do you think:

Newt in ‘94 vowed to investigate Clinton for 2 years as his platform:
"C&L brings you this CBS/NBC report from 1994. Gingrich went nuts over Clinton and his new-found subpoena power, yet if Democrats want to hold hearings on oversight and Iraq war profiteering that's supposed to hurt them."
Oh, and your liberal media.... yeah, not so much. Another 1994/2006 comparison:

A tale of two covers: Time 's '94 postelection cover touted "G.O.P. Stampede," '06 cover asserts "the center is the new place to be"


I know we won the election but it is still very important to point out the slime machine that is Republican politics.

GOP Fliers Apparently Were Part Of Strategy:
"The six Trailways motorcoaches draped in Ehrlich and Steele campaign banners rumbled down Interstate 95 just before dawn on Election Day.

On board, 300 mostly poor African Americans from Philadelphia ate doughnuts, sipped coffee and prepared to spend the day at the Maryland polls. After an early morning greeting from Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s wife, Kendel, they would fan out in white vans across Prince George's County and inner-city Baltimore, armed with thousands of fliers that appeared to be designed to trick black Democrats into voting for the two Republican candidates."

Ummm, somebody needs to tell these wackos that their day in the sun is over. They need to go on back to their mammys or crawl back under the rock from whence the came.

The first 6 words in this article are all you need to know that the study is bunk-bunkity-bunk-bunk.

Mo. Panel: Immigration, Abortion Linked:
"A Republican-led legislative panel claims in a new report on illegal immigration that abortion is partly to blame because it is causing a shortage of American workers.

The report from the state House Special Committee on Immigration Reform also claims 'liberal social welfare policies' have discouraged Americans from working and encouraged immigrants to cross the border illegally.

All six Democrats on the panel refused to sign the report. Some of them called the abortion assertion ridiculous and embarrassing."

For some reason this article paints a sad picture for me. Of course this guy could have been some junky, but have we come to the point where people who are in need of medicine but can't afford it are willing to hold up a pharmacy?

That may be a stretch, but if you were a junky wouldn't you take the uppers during the hostage stand-off and not a xanax?

"I'm going to committ a voilent crime with a gun but first let me pop a xanax and smoke a joint". Hell, the only crime I'm committing after a xanax and a joint is a possible crime against the inside of my underwear when I can't get off the couch to relieve myself.

W.Va. pharmacy hostages overpower gunman:
"STOLLINGS, W.Va. - Four people taken hostage by a gunman at a pharmacy overpowered their captor Monday after he demanded prescription drugs and fired several shots, authorities said.

The 90-minute standoff ended when the hostages, who were barricaded inside the store with the gunman, hit him with something, Sheriff's Deputy B.E. Ferrell said.

None of the hostages was harmed, but the suspect was taken to a hospital, Ferrell said. The nature of his injuries was not immediately clear, but a witness said he had taken a painkiller and an anti-anxiety drug.

Pharmacy technician Jessica Thompson, 24, said the gunman said he needed drugs but could not afford to buy them."

I'm sorry but I just don't buy this one. Especially the dollar amount they say the companies are losing due to absenteeism.

A lot of folks are not employed 8 hours a day. They may be at work 8 hours but they ain't 'working' 8 hours. I was out sick last week and not one dime was lost by my employer.

I just don't buy it!

Absenteeism in U.S. workplace hits highest level in years:
"Skipping work without good reason? You have lots of company.

Unscheduled absenteeism at U.S. companies and organizations has climbed to its highest level since 1999, according to results of a recent nationwide survey of human resource executives in U.S. companies and organizations.

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