Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mmmmmm Cookies

When the leader of the free world... the most powerful person in the world... uses terms such as 'the internets' and 'the google' is this really any surprise?

"Imagine for a moment that you work for a massive company whose intranet denies you access to Google (and all other major search engines), has no system for instant messaging (or other real-time conversation programs), frowns upon work-related blogs, and bans any kind of wiki knowledge-management. You'd be selling short your own company's stock while frantically sending out resumes, right? Unfortunately, the intelligence community is basically that company, with all of those issues largely due to a combination of secrecy concerns and a slow-moving bureaucracy.

As you can imagine, this situation infuriates anyone -- whether young or old -- who understands the power of the internets. I would argue that it's virtually always worse for intelligence elements to remain unconnected, with the exception, perhaps, of operational information, and nearly every study and group indicated that the lack of interconnectivity in intelligence was one of the reasons for the failures surrounding 9/11. The article explains the root of some of these shortcomings, but it does make one significant error -- the issues are described in the past tense. To the best of my knowledge, nearly all these difficulties continue."
This isn't just a spy agency problem but a problem that permeates the entirety of America's workforce. Particularly those in executive positions. I've been a chronic job changer over the past several years and in every position I've held the main issue with the company has been a fundamental disconnect between business and how technology can help. That disconnect starts at the top. The gap between generations has never been larger.

My advice.... If you don't 'get it' then get the hell out of the way and let those who do 'get it' do what they can do.

My god, Bush doesn't even use 'the email'.


Did you feel the ground today? It is really, really, really cold. I think hell just froze over:

Warner wants Dems in war debate:
"WASHINGTON - A leading Senate Republican on defense issues, Sen. John Warner (news, bio, voting record), will call on President Bush to solicit privately the opinions of Democrats before forging a new strategy on Iraq.

Warner in an opening statement Tuesday to Robert Gates' confirmation hearing as defense secretary will say there is a 'moral obligation' for the president to seek out the views of Democrats."

Hey ladies, you're catching up in pay. Unfortunately it isn't due to a social shift that now understands the inequality of paying you less for the same job. Tis because wages for men are falling back.

Soon you be making just as little as we are. Sucks catching up by default, aye.

Gender pay gap narrows -- for unexpected reasons:
"The disparity's decrease isn't because women are making great strides but because men's wages are eroding, data show."

Some interesting Bay Are news for ya.

The new Bay Bridge, though rampant with mismangement and waste, is still one of the grandest things being built on this earth at the moment:

BAY BRIDGE / Milestone for new bay span / Last of 452 concrete slabs, at about 780 tons apiece, to head down delta to construction site:
In a gritty construction yard in the Port of Stockton this morning, Caltrans and Bay Area transportation officials will mark a milestone in the already lengthy history of the new Bay Bridge.

A giant crane will hoist a 780-ton, wing-shaped chunk of concrete onto a barge -- and the last of 452 pieces that make up the deck of the 1.4-mile skyway portion of the span will begin a 10-hour journey through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to the Bay Bridge construction site."
They thought this would be a good idea but with all of the stoners in San Francisco the bus stop itself was eaten down to the bolts

Bus riders sniff out shelters / New advertisements feature scent of chocolate chip cookies:
"The novelty people were talking about Monday was the chocolate chip cookie scent placed in five bus shelters in the city as part of a marketing campaign by the California milk industry to promote its product. The idea is that once people get a whiff of the cookie scent, they'll get a hankering for milk.

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