Friday, January 05, 2007

DBT WIR 1/5/07

Update: I meant to include this email I got from my sister last week. Know this about my sis: She is the one that turned me onto music as a youth. She still follows Styx but is a HUGE Keith Urban fan and doesn't listen to DBT at all (when I've played her DBT before she says "That's just Pat" as if 'what's the fuss about') I've never gotten the the sense that she understands how big DBT has gotten or the influence they've cultivated. To her Pat is just Pat and Cooley is just Cooley. She's very pragmatic.

But, I do believe she may be coming to a better understanding of what's going on with DBT.

Her email:
Hey Bro,

It was so funny the other night, sat night, I got a phone call from one of my former baby sitters/student and her boyfriend (they go to school in Boston). They were on their way to see the DBT in Atlanta, and she had talked to Penny and found out that Mike and I went to school with Pat and Cooley. She thought that was so neat. I told her you were a big fan.. She said that she and all of her friends go to see them when they are in or near Boston. I think she wanted me to call Pat or something, I don't know. It was so weird, I am a semi-celebrity. I told her that we knew them, etc. and that I went to elementary with Pat. Ha, Ha.

Did you go to the concert? Was that the last of the year? She said to tell them that they are great!!!! I guess she's 21 or 22. I thought that you would enjoy this info.

Hope you had a happy new year!!!!!

Talk to you soon,


Gonna be a short one this week. I'm considering some semi-major changes to the blog and I'm testing them on a skeleton blog as I write this. I would be switching the blog over to a new layout manager from Blogger and.... well, it is a Blogger product so I'm very, very hesitant to destroy what I've created so far. Also in consideration is a complete move off of Blogger and making this a full fledged website. We'll see, we'll see.....

Nine Bullets has ALL the info you want on the New Years Shows. Go check out the mighty fine work on site and the discussion forum. In particular interest is the DBT Tatoo Thread showing some of the most devoted DBTer's ink.


Some bits and pieces:

The Drams are starting to accumulate some shows on Archive. Of particular interest is this fine show from Europe featuring cover songs by the Bee Gees, Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Drivin' and Cryin'. Damn those boys are talented.

The Drams will be starting a tour in a wee bit under two weeks. If they are coming near you best go see them.

Remember, if you don't go see The Drams when they're on tour, god will fuck you up. (via Jeff Wall on the Yahoo List many moons ago.)


Here's on older article that I never got around to using of the Worst. Songs. Evar.:
"Several people nominated Starship's 'We Built This City,' a No. 1 hit from 1985 that was also named Blender magazine's worst song everexternal link. CNN Pipeline copy editor James Dinan put it best: 'I got a laugh when I read that the original intent of this song was to be a statement against cracking down on artistic freedom. I'd support such a crackdown if it means this song will never be played again.'

The Starland Vocal Band's 'Afternoon Delight' got a few votes, as did Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Achy Breaky Heart,' Mr. Mister's 'Broken Wings' and Don Johnson's 'Heartbeat.' ('Broken Wings' succeeded 'We Built This City' as No. 1 by a few weeks; obviously, late 1985 was a golden age for bad songs.)"


Anonymous said...

Hah! My family just couldn't grasp why I would go see the same band two nights in a row (and had I not had the excuse of seeing family in town, would have thought I was really nuts to go to Atlanta for NYE in general). They tried polite comments when I played the rock for them ("hmm, this sounds like Neil Young" hopeful look that the right thing had just been said) but...

Hrm... funky stuff going on with the comment windows. Hopefully I haven't quadruple posted.

AAW said...

Hey Binky... Many people in Florence, AL/The Shoals couldn't even tell you who DBT is. Something about Buttholeville that is confusing as shit. Thanksgiving 05 I went back home and found out that Jason was playing solo/accoustic at a bar/restaurant. The place was packed but hardly anyone/knew cared who was playing for them. I was pissing myself 'cause J.I. was playing.

Weird place, Buttholeville is.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's not so uncommon. When I lived in Brazil I took a trip to the Amazon, and all my Brazilian friends were like "what? the amazon?! why would you want to go there? it's just full of bugs and poor people. we go to disney for vacation."

Familiarity/contempt... something like that.

AAW said...


Excellent point, binky. Especially true with Southerners. We think that if somebody is talking/singing/writing about us that it can't be good.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. When I moved north to WV I feel it even stronger here. I had a "friend" ask me if my new email was going to be and if I got to teach wearing shoes or not. It does get to the point where you distrust anything said about your home when mostly everything you hear from outside has something to do with a) overalls b) bare feet/no teeth c) inbreeding.