Monday, January 29, 2007

Holy Moses

Holy Moses.... Monday...... ears still ringing.... stomach lining gone.... much fun had and hell raised.... the rock:

.... oh, the humanity. Most excellent time with Brent, Jess, Tony, Keith and Chad of The Drams this weekend. They should be pointed towards Portland today and all those in the Pacific NW I really don't give a shyte if it is Monday, you need to go see this band. They took the paint off the walls in San Fran saturday along with the lining of my stomach.

Full on review, pictures and maybe a video coming Friday.

Tony's back to his old tour review tricks and Chad's been taunting hobos:
You thought we forgot you. You were wrong. It is just that some places in the world have no technical capabilities for which we can engage the interweb. They suck. But you do not. You smell like flowers and kittens.
Guys, thanks for the fun and music. We love ya and already miss ya. The spooning sounds nice as long as you play with my hair and tell me that I'm pretty.


You don't know how bad I need 10 of these right now:

Scientist Develops Caffeinated Doughnuts:
"That cup of coffee just not getting it done anymore? How about a Buzz Donut or a Buzzed Bagel? That's what Doctor Robert Bohannon, a Durham, North Carolina, molecular scientist, has come up with. Bohannon says he's developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods, without the bitter taste of caffeine. Each piece of pastry is the equivalent of about two cups of coffee."

Some really, really cool stuff here:

8 technologies that can save the world


Hell hath no fury......

Skydiver charged with murder after love rival fell 13,000ft to her death:
"Her final moments were filmed by her own head-mounted camera."


Anonymous said...

always enjoy reading this - thanks for your efforts :)

AAW said...

Hey, thanks Haney. I appreciate it!

Jenn said...

Please kill me.

AAW said...

It was Monday night, girl. You should no better by now. ;-)