Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shitfaced again in Margaritaville

Scant blogging today as I'm in the midst of technology training for a new campus wide student system that absolutely NONE of the dinosaurs that work here will ever be able to use or ever want to use. (Where's my stone and chisel! Why in my day we'd simply grunt and point when we needed something) Ah, academia. The most ironic place in the world.


First, a bit of a movie review. I went to see Pan's Labyrinth last Saturday. del Toro, of Hell Boy fame, wrote and directed the film.

Pan's Labyrinth, billed as a fairy tale for adults, contained some of the most realistic scenes of non-fantasy brutality I have ever witnessed. Some of the best beatings and gun shot wounds ever filmed. The fantasy sequences are very nice, too. Great flick that won tons of awards and will probably be up for best picture. If it is playing near you, check it out.


Gore Watch:

Gore Leaves Door Ajar for 2008
"Will he or won't he?

As the Democratic field for 2008 takes shape, one big remaining question is whether former vice president Al Gore -- winner of the popular vote in 2000, an almost-candidate in 2004 and now the public face of the movement to address global warming -- will be in it."

Idiot Watch:

Bush lifts drilling ban in Alaska fishery:
"WASHINGTON - President Bush on Tuesday lifted the drilling ban for Alaska Bristol Bay, clearing the way for the Interior Department to open the fish-rich waters to oil and natural gas development.

Alaska officials as well as some local communities had asked for the ban to be lifted, but environmentalists and some fishermen have warned against drilling in the bay, which is the gateway for the largest wild salmon runs in the world as well as a major source for crab and cod."

Jimmy Buffett at 60:
"Buffett is one of the music business' singular success stories. He has parlayed an unlikely subject getting shitfaced while cruising the Gulf Coast in your power boat, basically%u2014into a multimillion-dollar industry,"

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