Friday, January 12, 2007

Under Contruction

I'll be doing some reconstructive work on the blog over the next couple of days. Check back often to see the changes. Most notable will be the link list changes on the right side of the page. Gonna do some rearranging and additions.

A couple of articles:

This is very good! The West is where the Dems need to be not in NY preaching to the choir:

Denver to host '08 Democratic convention:
"NEW YORK - Democrats selected Denver to host their 2008 presidential convention, turning down New York in favor of a problematic but enthusiastic bid from a city in the growing Rocky Mountain West."

This incident occurred in my neighborhood. Very weird and I don't think the entire story is out yet. A lot of folks involved are lawyering up:

Fong defends handling of Yale singers' beating case:
"Accusations of delay and inaction by police have dogged the incident in the Richmond District that left one member of a renowned Yale University singing group, the Baker's Dozen, with a broken jaw and another with a concussion."

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Anonymous said...

The Varsity Squash season is lost for Yale...oh the humanity!