Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bacon Whiskey

This week has been fairly rant-o-rific with all of the insanity emanating from the Grand Old Punk-asses. I was going to take today off and highlight some lighter fair floating around these dang ol intertube... But there's just too much stoopidity that needs some light shine so there will be some ranting and bashing today but let's start off with some unique booze flavoring.

Went to a bar in the Tenderloin section of San Francisco a few weeks ago and the bartender wasn't 'tending to bar me from drink'. Quite the opposite. He offered me a snort of a little something he called Bacon Bourbon/Whiskey. I did not try it because I'm sure there would not be quicker way to heart-burn but I was intrigued by this fusion.

Only found a couple of blogs about the Bacon Bourbon.

Here's the fella that challenged some folks to make it and he'd taste it:

Bacon Unwrapped: Bacon Bourbon Whiskey results are in!

Here is the person who made it and the process used:

Foodie on the Run: So How'd I Do It?:
I have had a few inquiries as to the process that I used to make the bacon bourbon (Tennessee Whiskey)"

Let me know in the comments if any of y'all have tried it and whether you liked it or not.

Now back to our regularly scheduled insanity:

Take some action today if you are a Democrat. I can't believe the Nevada Dem Party is this fucking stupid but they are apparently.

Check out these two links for the low down and the easy pre-made form email you can send them telling them to not be putzes. You too can be a party activist and it will only take you mere minutes:

Read the info but here is the direct link to the email form. Do it!

Daily Kos: Hey Harry, look at what Fox did the last time they hosted a debate:
"As mentioned earlier today, the Nevada Democratic Party is trying to justify it's efforts to host a presidential debate to be aired by the conservative propagandists over at Fox News."

Daily Kos: ACTION: Freeze Out Fox News:
"[C]onsider the September 9, 2003 Democratic debate in Baltimore, Maryland, hosted by Fox News in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus. Fox News graphics, as well as a banner over the stage, titled the event as the 'Democrat Candidate Presidential Debate,' a misconstruction of 'Democrat' used as an an epithet. Fox News then summarized the debate with a story titled, 'Democratic Candidates Offer Grim View of America,' continuing with such jabs as, 'The depiction of the president as the root of all evil began at the top of Tuesday night's debate....' Controversial questions included the accusation that Howard Dean had a racist gun policy by Fox News analyst Juan Williams. There were also multiple interruptions by protesters throughout the debate, leading to four arrests."

Matt Taibbi is a political writer for Rolling Stone and one of the coolest motherfuckers out there. He covered Kerry's 04 campaign in a gorilla suit and once interviewed a member of Kerry's staff dressed as a Viking while tripping on acid.

I love this guy:

Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush's Billionaires:
'Now, after she shaved her head in a bizarre episode that culminates a months-long saga of controversial behavior, it's the question being asked by her fans, her foes and the general public: What was she thinking?'-- Bald and Broken: Inside Britney's Shaved Head, Sheila Marikar,, Feb. 19

What was she thinking? How about nothing? How about who gives a shit? How's that for an answer, Sheila Marikar of ABC news, you pinhead?"

Bush's only accomplishment in office so far is that he hasn't gotten us all killed. Some, but not all:

Four bewildering remarks from the Bush administration:
"The world might be less stressful if the president of the most powerful nation didn't so frequently convey the impression that he has no idea what's going on."

Breathe, y'all. Don't laugh! New age stuff actually works. I practiced breathing techniques when I was in grad school and the shit works.

Back to basics: learning how to breathe:
But although breathing may seem like the most basic activity in the world (Does it really require paid consultation? I'm doing it anyway. Or I'd be dead, right?), it's actually a powerful tool that can have a profound effect on your well-being."

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