Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Letter to the Editor - Southern Style

I won't be quiet

To the editor:

The wingnut talking points memo says that for Democratic presidential candidates to promise a change in Iraq policy is tantamount to treason -- "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."

We have been here before, and it is still a load of garbage.

The insurgents in Iraq have their own agenda, folks. The death squads and militias have theirs, too. They aren't watching CNN together, cheering Barak Obama. What they are doing, however, is fighting each other, and us. Baghdad is the new Beirut.

Blind faith in the utility of force has painted the United States into a corner. Incompetence has guaranteed failure. Arrogance has brought disaster.

Why should we give this idiot one last chance at victory? Has Bush produced one thing that looks or smells like victory to you? Even Afghanistan is sliding backwards.

The "surge" will undoubtedly have its "Mission Accomplished" photo-op, but all the president's men cannot put this Humpty Dumpty together again. Iraq will take decades to recover from the disaster we have created there.

The American people know this. They are smarter than the wingnuts.

Already, a majority of Americans want American troops to come home from Iraq, and a supermajority -- some 70 percent -- know what a catastrophe this president's leadership has been. They voted overwhelmingly for a new direction last November, and the numbers will only get worse.

By 2008, no candidate will be electable if they support the war. Even Hillary has been dragged down by her war vote. Candidates will not be quiet, nor will the American people.

Call me a traitor, tell me to shut up and sit silent while the republic is ruined, and I'll show you the symbol of freedom located between my index and ring fingers. And I will be anything but quiet about it.

Matt O******


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