Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tears of a Clown

Boehner Weeps For ‘Solemn’ Debate — Then Says Iraq Critics Are Taking Al Qaeda’s ‘Bait’

"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoooooooo... uhhhHHHHHH *snif* *snif*. So solemn... so, so solemn. We should approach this bebate with the utmost respect for all involved. whuuuuu, pfff pfff... I'm okay, I'm okay just give me a second..... Okay, I'm ready. I'm ready to debate this most solemnest of solemnimity.....

You fucking traitorous Democrats want to hand the fucking country over to Al Qaeda and you fuck your mothers and like to eat baby fetusesesese and you're stinky and no body likes you!!!


Same ol' same ol' Republicans.

Crocodile tear crying motherfucker......

But wait, ummm, according to an internal Republican memo the Republicans aren't suppose to debate Iraq because they'll lose:

GOP: If we debate the surge, we lose.:
"The debate should not be about the surge or its details. This debate should not even be about the Iraq war to date, mistakes that have been made, or whether we can, or cannot, win militarily. If we let Democrats force us into a debate on the surge or the current situation in Iraq, we lose."

What to do , What to do if you are a Republican? A variation of the Chewbacca defense, maybe? Hmmmm?

"The Chewbacca defense is a fictional legal strategy used in the South Park episode 'Chef Aid', which premiered on October 7, 1998 as the fourteenth episode of the second season. The concept satirized attorney Johnnie Cochran's closing argument defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. 'Chewbacca Defense', meaning a defense consisting solely of nonsensical arguments meant to confuse a jury, has since been occasionally applied outside of references to South Park."

Chewbacca has been used so......

The Davy Crockett defense of escalation.:
"During today’s House debate on Iraq, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) debuted the Davy Crockett defense:"

Oh Republicans.... why must you be so devoid of thought, heart, courage, color, worldliness, good hair, compassion..... and on and on and on and on.....


Fuck up, Get promoted! It's the Republican way.

Daily Kos: Official who bungled billions gets big promotion:
"Question: What happens when you are responsible for managing offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and you are so incompetent that you botch the whole thing and end up letting Big Oil companies not pay billions of dollars they owe in royalties to the government?

Answer: Under a normal administration you would be fired, or maybe even go to jail. At the very least you would hang your head in shame.

But under the Bush Administration, you are PROMOTED!!!! Not only that, you are put in charge of managing all the nation's offshore leases everywhere."

Thank you Frontline. This drum needs to be beaten very loud and very long until infotainment is banished to the Bahamas. Otherwise, stop watching any cable news programs.

PBS' 'Frontline' examines ways politics, business hurt news media:
"The timing couldn't be better for the four-part 'Frontline' series 'News War' premiering tonight on PBS. Not only does tonight's first episode explain why non-journalists should care about the Valerie Wilson leak investigation trial unfolding in a Washington, D.C., courtroom -- it uses the probing, contextualized 'Frontline' style to answer a question on a lot of lips:

What's wrong with the American media?"

hat Alabama doesn't have something on the books awaiting this move by the Feds is another Bama tragedy. That Alabama doesn't have the political leaders with the balls to support this is status quo.

The Raw Story | Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in Congress:
"An act to legitimize hemp farming has been introduced in Congress, according to a press release."

"It is indefensible that the United States government prevents American farmers from growing this crop," the release quotes Rep. Paul. "The prohibition subsidizes farmers in countries from Canada to Romania by eliminating American competition and encourages jobs in industries such as food, auto parts and clothing that utilize industrial hemp to be located overseas instead of in the United States."

Would these be real boobs or fake boobs? Real fake boobs? Either way, science, I can never express how much I love thee.

Stem cell technique helps women grow their own implants | the Daily Mail:
"Women have grown their own breast implants through pioneering stem cell treatment, it emerged yesterday."

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