Monday, April 16, 2007

Emails and Turtles

Last Wednesday I highlighted The Great Turtle Race. That very same night, Stephen Colbert County, did a segment on the race. Apparently, a turtle has been named after him. Whatever.

The important point here, is that I scooped Colbert's sorry ass. Hey Stephen, next time you want to pinch news off of my site, how's about giving me some credit?

Oh, and by the way, your turtle is in first place, you bastard! (Love Colbert, love the show, and I pinched the story off one of those sites that make money so....)

Day One Stats are up. Windy jumped out to a big lead but she and my #1 turtle Champiro take deep dives to 300 feet for some odd reason.


Must see TV. Maher knocks this one out of the park.

I work for a 3rd tier law school and I promise you there's not but one or two students that I would want working high level government jobs.

Maher Blasts Regent Law School’s Transformation of the DoJ:

"On 'Real Time' last night, Bill Maher laced into Monica Goodling and the Bush administration for appointing more than 150 graduates of a tier 4 law school to prominent position in the US government."

Since real newsmen like Brian Williams aren't covering this, us bathrobe wearing, effeciency apartment living, "Vinny" types have to, I guess.

Someday I want to grow up and feel as self-important as Brian Williams does.

Here's a recount of Nixon's lost.... oops, I mean, Bush's lost emails:

Bush aides' use of GOP e-mail probed:

"WASHINGTON - The White House said Wednesday it had mishandled Republican Party-sponsored e-mail accounts used by nearly two dozen presidential aides, resulting in the loss of an undetermined number of e-mails concerning official White House business.

Congressional investigators looking into the administration's firing of eight federal prosecutors already had the nongovernmental e-mail accounts in their sights because some White House aides used them to help plan the U.S. attorneys' ouster. Democrats were questioning whether the use of the GOP-provided e-mail accounts was proof that the firings were political.

Officials' e-mail may be missing, White House says

WASHINGTON — The White House said Wednesday that it may have lost what could amount to thousands of messages sent through a private e-mail system used by political guru Karl Rove and at least 50 other top officials, an admission that stirred anger and dismay among congressional investigators.

The e-mails were considered potentially crucial evidence in congressional inquiries launched by Democrats into the role partisan politics may have played in such policy decisions as the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

Countless White House E-Mails Deleted:

"But when I asked Stanzel to read out loud the White House e-mail policy, it seemed clear enough to me: 'Federal law requires the preservation of electronic communications sent or received by White House staff,' says the handbook that all staffers are given and expected to read and comply with.

'As a result, personnel working on behalf of the EOP [Executive Office of the President] are expected to only use government-provided e-mail services for all official communication.'

The handbook further explains: 'The official EOP e-mail system is designed to automatically comply with records management requirements.'

And if that wasn't clear enough, the handbook notes -- as was the case in the Clinton administration -- that 'commercial or free e-mail sites and chat rooms are blocked from the EOP network to help staff members ensure compliance and to prevent the circumvention of the records management requirements.'"

Daily Kos: What were you trying to hide, Karl?:

"The news about Rove deleting emails from the RNC server into 2005 clearly is not breaking anymore to those of us who follow politics with the, um, fervor that we do (just over 30 minutes from the original post at TPM until it was diaried here. Nice work). But pretty soon, it will be breaking news to just about everyone who will be watching the news today (except maybe those watching Katie Couric..)

And while everyone else is hopefully going to be hearing about this over the next couple of days (that is if the news reporters actually do their jobs), the obvious question should be asked. Why did Karl Rove delete all of those emails from the RNC server during that time period? What was Karl Rove trying to hide or cover up when he was deleting all of those emails?"

But Clinton got a blowjob.


THAT's why everything taste like chicken.

T. Rex Related to Chickens:

"An adolescent female Tyrannosaurus rex died 68 million years ago, but its bones still contain intact soft tissue, including the oldest preserved proteins ever found, scientists say.

And a comparison of the protein's chemical structure to a slew of other species showed an evolutionary link between T. rex and chickens, bolstering the idea that birds evolved from dinosaurs."


Anonymous said...

Blowjob or delete emails? Hard to choose which I'd rather do....

AAW said...

How about getting a BJ whiles you're sending email.

That's called multitasking!