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DBT Week in Review - 5/4/07


And the first reviews are in and.....

dbts : Message: friday

Wow. Just... wow.

Jenn Bryant

dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] Friday night show:

"One of the best DBT shows I have ever seen.

I had tears in my eyes by the end when they started into that Angels & Fuselage.

I don't cry a lot."

Jayne Clamp

dbts : Message: Saturday Dirt Underneath

I wasn't lucky enough to hit them both but I'll echo Jayne's sentiment but towards the Saturday show. All the arrangents were strong staying true to the way most of those songs were played as of late but making you look at them at least a little different. Even though it was a seated and almost overall acoustic affair the biggest compliment I can give is that I never felt like I was seeing the Drive By Truckers un-plugged or anything. Of the standards highlights for me were Uncle Frank,Sinkhole,and Lookout Mountain. Someone asked about One Of These Days. Man I thought the version of this was especially well done. It just sort of crept up and then they were playing it. Fucking white men wearing ties! And all the new songs. Man Cooley has some new doozies. The new Patterson song Two Daughters and A Wife moved me to tears of a different sort. Focker(Thanks Chris!) let me go down to his front row center seat. I'd read the lyrics on Patterson's site but still was not prepared for this song. I mean I think about The Harvey Family when I lock my doors,turn on my alarm system,double check the locks and go look at my kids before I turn in each night. Anyway, upon hearing the song for the first time I went from having a high time on a Saturday night in Athens Georgia to being back at home in Richmond,VA locking my doors and just dwelling on the saddest most fucked up thing that I've ever heard about. I love the song and I like how that positive image of "Laying round in bed on a Saturday morning,Two daughters and a wife..." is the thing to hold on to. Just like the first time I heard them do Dress Blues in Austin(just about one year to the day) I was almost ready to leave except this was worse because it was about something close to home. It took a while for me to get back into the show. Which wasn't the shows fault. Just mine. This stuff can sometimes take you places you don't want to go and never imagined that you would. If you'd told me five minutes prior that I'd be sad as shit in the middle of this show in that festive atmosphere,I would have never believed you. It was all OK by the end because life's got to go on and you have to except things even if you'll never understand them. It's hard to stay with those kind of feelings at A DBT show with a your freinds and those songs though. Zip City began just in time. It's always been my favorite DBT song since the first time I heard it. That might have been the best sing along at the end that I've ever heard. I ain't got no good intentions. Wow.

I guess I was all over the map at this show. I went from Richmond to Athens on Saturday afternoon and back home on Sunday Morning but went further than both of those trips combined inside the Georgia Theater on Saturday Night. And the feeling of being home on Sunday was with a greater appreciation than it was when I left and I didn't think that was possible. I was still thinking about it when I locked up the house last night and left for work this morning and I don't even know what exactly I was thinking about. What a show. It was great to see a different Drive By Truckers and all the usual suspects and meet some new ones. Thanks as always for the hospitality.

Mark Lynn

Of course, Ninebullet's has got the complete down-low on the dirty under-carriage:

Nine a DBT fansite - All I can think about’s The Dirt Underneath...

Plus the Austin Setlists:

Nine Bullets


YouTubage of the Athen's show:

YouTube - Drive by truckers- two daughters and a wife


I'm very excited to get a two night dose of.....


DBT News

- Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers) :

"Kenny Aguar: When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

Patterson Hood: Either Orson Welles or Bruce Springsteen. My father is in the music business (David Hood studio session bassist from 1966-present ) so it never occurred to me that I couldn't follow suit. I was always a movie fanatic and actually started trying to write screenplays at about seven. [It was] an ultra violent story of twin boys, one a young cop and the other a mass murderer called 'Asylum Connection.' It ended in ambush shooting totally ripped off from 'Bonnie and Clyde.'"

Truckers to make Austin stop before they drive on by



"Seattle, WA – Live Nation welcomes Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic featuring Willie Nelson & Family, Son Volt, Old 97's, Drive-By Truckers and Amos Lee to The Gorge on The Fourth Of July, 2007 at 4:00 p.m.

For the first time in 33 years, Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic will venture outside his home state of Texas. From its beginning in 1973 in Dripping Springs, Texas, the event has been hosted in various incarnations in cities throughout Texas. Its main purpose was to bring musicians and fans from all walks of life together to celebrate the day. From 1995-1999,"

dbts : Message: 18 wheels & The Shield:
"for those of you who don't watch the Shield... Walton Coggins' (The Accountant) character on 'The Shield' was feeling down and depressed because he got his ass kicked and the wife booted him from the house for cheating....what to do? sit in the car and snort some drugs and listen to '18 wheels of Love'. more national play time for the guess is that it was Wally's choice.


Ten crucial Drive-By Truckers songs


dbts : Message: Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp (marginal DBT):

"The SGRRC comes to Memphis this summer for a one week run at Gibson Guitar Factory!!! As most of you know, my daughter Audra Brown, got her start at SGRRC and now her first CD is about to be released. It is a great start for girls in not only music but in being a girl in general. There are courses in herstory, zine making, photograph, songwriting, etc etc etc plus instrument instruction from beginners to advanced. The very best of the memphis music industry have volunteered to will be incredible!! For girls from 10-17, it is a don't miss opportunity!! No one has ever been disappointed. Sign up now at for either the Memphis camp or the Murfreesboro, TN camp. Both are awesome.

Don't be surprised to see some big time folks at camp. I cant guarantee anything but groups like the Indigo Girls, Atomic Blonde, Tasha VAlentine, etc have played and members of lots of big bands have/will be volunteers including Glossary, Nancy Apple, etc...

go to for info...

your friend in Memphis


Jason Isbell

"So we're gearing up for a monstrous tour starting around release day, and the response so far has been fucking great. Looks like we're planning to head up the East Coast in early July, cross over the midwest, and hit the West Coast. It's shaping up to be about a seven or eight-week trip. Since this group gets priority now, we'll be hauling ass until pretty much the end of the year. A European tour is also in the works, but we don't have any solid dates yet. News to come.

If you get a chance, check out Centro-Matic's page. They have some tracks up from their excellent new record that should be available soon. It's good stuff indeed.

We had a blast with Son Volt. Wish I could've done more of those dates, but I'm sure we'll be playing together again at some point. Ya'll keep your ears peeled."


Music News

Lyrics by Sting coming out in book form:

"NEW YORK - The lyrics of Sting, almost every word he wrote, from his solo records to his years with the Police, will come out in book form this fall.

'Lyrics by Sting' will include the words of such hits as 'Roxanne,' 'Every Breath You Take' and 'Spirits in the Material World,' along with commentary by Sting.

'Over time, the meaning of a song can continue to reveal itself,' Sting, the bassist and lead vocalist for the Police, said Monday in a statement released by The Dial Press, an imprint of the Bantam Dell Publishing Group.

Musicians unlock mystery melody in Scottish chapel:

"It's not something you would want to put on in the car and listen to, but it's certainly an interesting piece of music,' he said. 'It's got a good mediaeval sound to it.'"

Joan Baez banned at Walter Reed hospital:

"WASHINGTON - Folk singer and anti-war activist Joan Baez says she doesn't know why she was not allowed to perform for recovering soldiers recently at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as she planned.

In a letter to The Washington Post published Wednesday, she said rocker
John Mellencamp had asked her to perform with him last Friday and that she accepted his invitation.

Rage Against the Machine rages at Coachella music festival:

"INDIO, California: Thousands of sunburnt fans roared in unison and pumped their fists in the desert air Sunday night as reunited political rockers Rage Against the Machine took the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Lead singer-rapper Zack de la Rocha's fist was right up there with them.

He also railed against the war in Iraq and likened Bush administration officials to Nazi war criminals.



Townser said...


I just got done listening to one of the TDU shows. WOW!!!!! I can't wait to read one of your patented blogurockumentaries of the GAMH shows in a few days. Enjoy. I wish I was there...

AAW said...

Should be good fun townser! Don't know how much I'll get to party as I'm in the busy time of the year of my work, but, I'm sure I'll be sampling a few whiskey's along the way and snapping plenty of photos.

More later