Friday, June 01, 2007

DBT Week in Review - 6/1/07

Update: We lost a good one in the past few hours. If you pray, pray. If you don't, think good thoughts for the family. I imagine you can still donate to cover what I would believe to be the massive bills the family incurred.

What ever you need to do, do it. I didn't know the girl, but I'm sure I'll shed a tear today because sometimes it just too goddamn unfair to comprehend:

Simply Sabina

400 Unit! 400 Unit! 400 Unit!

Whoever started the vicious 'off-year' rumor needs a foot in the ass:

Bettye LaVette Returns to 'The Scene of the Crime' With Accomplices the Drive By Truckers, Spooner Oldham; New Record Out Sept. 25:

"LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 30, 2007 -- With the arrival of her new CD 'THE SCENE OF THE CRIME,' the flinty, intense soul stylist BETTYE LAVETTE unleashes a set of aggressive, sublimely crafted songs that are nothing short of mesmerizing. Accompanied by the freewheeling renegade Southern rock band Drive By Truckers, 'THE SCENE OF THE CRIME' is a multifaceted gem, ablaze with the unusual light cast by LAVETTE's complex layers of wrath, reflection and resolve. Recorded in the classic soul mine of Muscle Shoals' FAME Studios, the set is fraught with dire psychological elements. 'THE SCENE OF THE CRIME' represents a volatile bid to dispel the shadow still cast by LAVETTE's simmering frustration over her stillborn Muscle Shoals-recorded 1972 masterpiece 'Child of the Seventies,' an album that Atlantic Records maddeningly -- and inexplicably -- shelved before anyone heard it."

Wanna hear some Bettye? Check out her MySpace for a couple of songs.


Jason Isbell posted this MySpace Bulletin yesterday. Of course 'time permitting' and 'schedules' and all that, but if this happens you lucky, lucky, lucky New York bastards.

Per Jason Isbell via MySpace bulletin:

"New York City July 19th

Body: Yes indeed we'll be playing that night at the Mercury and DBT will be playing earlier in the evening at Castle Clinton National Monument in Battery Park. THIS WAS UNINTENTIONAL believe it or not. It does, however, make for an interesting evening on all sides. Time permitting, it should allow for some guest appearances and a generally great day. Try to hit those shows if you can. Thanks."

Damn. The only time I have EVER wanted to live in New York. (no offense, my NY brothers and sisters)

For the panty-bunchers:

Hell, it wasn't even two months ago that I wrote the following:

Alabama Ass Whuppin': And the band(s) played on....:

So where will you be when DBT is on the stage and Jason Isbell joins them stage left for a reunion gig or two?"

Apparently, maybe New York!


Patchouliskye has posted several Dirt Underneath video's on Youtube. I'll post a couple here, but go check out the entire collection. Mighty fine!

Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife

Puttin People on the Moon

(feel free to scream your ass off in your cubicle... fuck yer boss. Tell 'em Alabama Ass Whuppin gave you permission to scream at the man.)

Alright, fuck it.. one more:

Daddy Needs a Drink


Hoods are taking over the world and I fully support it:

dbts : Message: David Hood on the History Channel:

"From Teddy:

'The States' is finally airing on the History Channel.The episode with Alabama features David Hood and a little story about the Muscle Shoals music biz. It airs Saturday, June 9th, at 10:00 pm Eastern (9:00 pm Central).

Here's a link to the website:

The Drams

Have I told y'all recently that I love The Drams? Well, I do. I love 'em.

Word has it that two of the Drams will be producing little baby Drams. Little baby Tony Dram and Little baby Jess Dram.

Naomi at Slacker Country and I had a conversation about this a couple of days ago. I saw them in SLO and SF earlier this year and she saw 'em in Colorado right after so, Naomi did the math and, well, those babies could either me mine or Naomi's.

We'll be fighting for a Anna Nicole type blood test when the time comes.

In the mean time, check out the Tasty World recording from The Drams. I'm a big fan of their new song Man of Note.

Internet Archive: Details: The Drams Live at Tasty World on 2007-05-18

Also, Jitter at Slacker Country as posted a couple of review on recent Drams shows and they are definitely worth a read.

"The Drams had been scheduled to play Lee Harvey’s in Dallas a couple times before, but for one reason or another the gig had never materialized. As Brent Best said Saturday night “We always found a way to fuck it up.”

Then there was the weather, looming storm clouds hovered over the area all day (I think they’ve become a permanent fixture here) and the forecast called for scattered showers Saturday night. I half expected the show to be canceled.

But the rain didn’t fall and the show went off and it was maybe the best Drams show I’ve seen yet."

Music and Stuff

Mystic Swirl

"Hey Everybody!

Mystic Swirl our latest short movie starring Kyle Weir, Mary Katherine Rowe, Michael Jennings, Jeff Miller, and Logan Hill will screen Saturday July 21 at 3pm at the Performance Center on the University of North Alabama campus in Florence, Alabama. Mystic Swirl is the uplifting story of a family successfully recovering from the loss of a child to Cancer. The cast will be present for a question and answer session. Please tell your friends and please turn out.


Steve Richerson - Writer Producer Directer"

Amy Winehouse: Boozy Brit Sensation Graces Next Cover of Rolling Stone:

"The British diva who’s making major waves in the U.S. will be on the next cover of Rolling Stone. An in-depth profile on the songstress thus far, our story follows her to Florida for her shotgun wedding and reveals which music legends motivate Winehouse to sing. Check back tomorrow for a peek at the exclusive photos."

Free MP3s: 'Two' & 'Everybody Knows' by Ryan Adams -


Tis pretty funny:

dbts : Message: Re: Little DBT: Alabamata:

"Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter is notorious for having lyrics that are nearly incomphrensible, this interpretation takes them to a whole new hilarious level:




jitter said...

The Drams and DBTs are sceduled to play a big show with ZZ Top in Dallas on July 15th. The night before that the Drams are playing a show at the Barley House. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a guest appearance at the Barley!

JPW said...

Jitter, y'all Texas folks get all the good shows. damn!

Not to throw a bucket of cold water on crossed fingers but I think DBT will be in West Virginia on the 14th.

jitter said...

That's too bad.
I haven't checked their schedule, but the only DBT show I know of here is that big all day multi-act "Texas Fandango" on the 15th.
I've done a few of those all day shows in the middle of July before and to be honest, I prefer the more comfotable confines of an air conditioned nightclub at this point.

JPW said...

I agree, Jitter. I prefer the air conditioned indoors myself.