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DBT Week in Review - 6/25/07

I'm coming in contact with more and more great bands and the fine folk who comprise these bands through this blog. I've determined that I want to use the communicative power of this blog to spread the good word about these bands and people. Quite a few of these folks have been inspired by DBT as was I with the creation of AAW. Hang with me as I develop a best practice to do this.

However, I don't ever want to get in the business of being a music critic. Music is my joy and passion. Politics, media and the treatment of my fellow women and men are where my critical interests lie ( a big 'no d'uh' to those of you who read my normal Monday-Thursday posts).

I love music and I want those who are creating and trying to scratch a living from it and using it to benefit others, to teach others... I want all those folks to succeed. If I can assist them by using this blog to communicate their doin'ses then that's what I want to do... I think.... like I said, hang with me til I figure this out.

With that said, for whatever reason I said it (feel kinda rambly today), here are a couple of folks/bands who you should consider supporting via an album purchase or checking out a concert or by throwing a few dollars at one of their causes or by simply listening some of their tunes and spreading the word.

Album: Lauderdale

Lauderdale MySpace


Corey (olwiggum from Nine Bullet's) is the bassists for this Florence, Alabama 3 piece. They've just cut a record that should be returning from the printer anytime now. Corey was kind enough to send me an advance copy and I've been listening to it pretty solid for the past week or so. I love it.

I love it because its good, goddamn music and because its part of the Muscle Shoals Sound revival that's taking place back home. DBT inspired a lot of young 'uns to take back the "Hit Making Capitol of the World" mantel and Mr. Isbell, making the Shoals his home base, is cultivating that inspiration. I'm real proud and excited about what's happening there musically.

From the early nineties rock inspired Wasted Life, to the partly Dave Matthewsesque 14 Seasons (one of my favs) to the remarkable up tempo ballad Breathless P.M. (also one of my favs) this ain't no garage sounding throw together. This is a solid rock album with well written songs and excellent musicality. Damn fine job, boys!

From Lauderdale's bio:

"Lauderdale began in early 2005, shortly after New Year's Eve. The sound is Rock and Roll without any pretensions. The band, born and raised in the Shoals area of North Alabama, is obviously deep rooted in Southern culture. The Muscle Shoals area has provided no shortage of influences for the band. A lot of the best and most successful music from the 60's and 70's was produced and engineered in the band's hometown. Lauderdale has also been influenced from a wide range of other musical genres as well. Taking mostly from folk, country, bluegrass and Americana, the band performs these styles with their own huge injection of guitar driven Rock and Roll. Their music is saturated with big, beautiful melodies and strong pop hooks with a true southern grace. "

Track Listing:

Wasted Life
Breathless P.M.
Take Me Home
14 Seasons
Back Home
The Edge

The band is testing out some of the songs to see which for should stay on their MySpace page. Go over and cast your vote for the current crop in the comments section.

Oh yeah, Lauderdale is opening for the Sirens release show on July 10th:

Nine :
Jason's new record, 'Sirens of the Ditch', is finally being released by New West Records on July 10th. There will be a CD release party in the Shoals on Saturday, July 7th at the Muscle Shoals Music Hall. Details about near-by hotels can be found in this thread on the message board. I also plan on adding directions about how to get to the Muscle Shoals Sound buildings (old and new), and how to get to FAME for those of you that may be coming from out of town and plan on killing a few hours before the show.

Also on the bill are 2 other Muscle Shoals bands, Lauderdale and Sons of Roswell.

Be there to get there early and see both of those bands. I'm in Lauderdale. :)
-Corey (olwiggum)"
I'll have more on these boys when later. Go check out their music and if you like, support them.


Audra Brown

Album - Most Popular Misfit
Audra Brown MySpace
Audra Brown Website

Someone wise once said....

I'm beginning to appreciate the value of generations changing hands
Family ties and eyes and lips
Pass it down
Patterson Hood - I Understand Now

Ms. Audra Brown.

Born in 1991... yes, 1991. First major on stage singing performance was in 2003 with DBT... yes, with DBT... singing Zip City.

Audra's all of 15/16 and has just released her first album titled "Most Popular Misfit". In a move that had to be inspired by one of her mentors, Patterson Hood, Audra is currently back in the studio working on her 2nd album. Her first album came out 3 weeks ago. Now, that Rocks!

A bit about Audra from her bio:
Born in May of 1991, Audra grew up listening to her father's original songs. She got a heavy dose of southern southern rock and loved Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nirvana, Warren Zevon and the Drive-by Truckers. She started composing songs in the spring of 2003. She got to meet the Drive-by Truckers in May 2003 and quickly became friends with the band. Patterson Hood became her email pal, discussing rock and roll, his songs and growing up experiences with her. Then in October of 2003, the band asked her to sing their song Zip City on stage with them in Memphis at Newby's. It was a night to remember. This night was captured for all in a review published in the Memphis Flyer Issue 779. She had just begun teaching herself to play guitar but that night cemented her future of songwriting and playing live.
Audra sent me a copy of MPM, and, well, this ain't no thrown together record neither. It is really well produced and Audra has recruited some stellar talent to assist her.

What jumps out at ya is that Audra wrote every song on the album and the talent is very apparent on each and every song. Audra will be a force someday cause she already knows how to craft a tune. From the slow builder 'Drifter' to her rockingest tune 'Skeleton In The Closet' (can't wait to hear more like Skeleton from Audra) MPM has some gems on it and when she blows up in a few years will you have a copy of the rare to find Most Popular Misfit? You best get one.

Several of her songs have a hint of The Sundays.

So she's young yet wise beyond her years, an excellent songwriter, a fan of DBT and Jason Isbell.... what else could their possibly be?

Audra's socially active, involved in the Souther Girls Rock and Roll camp and she organized a fund raiser that benefited Wendy Musick of Southern Bitch.

I'm very excited about Audra's music and her passion to help people. We need more humans like this.

Go buy a record from Audra. Apparently her record company is pretty brutal about album sales. ;-D

From a recent email:
Thanks for helping me spread the word!! (My record company says I may be dropped if we do not sell 500 cd's) (My dad is my record company)

Tough world, eh?


In studio pics on Patterson's Gibson Blog:


Nine Bullets:
"After Fridays free outdoor show there's a bunch more new DBT fans in Richmond Virginia. The setlist could not have been better. Thankfully there was no story or anything before Two Daughters and A Beutiful Wife. That's still to fresh and maybe always will be.

We got the full blown 18 Wheels of Love and you could tell there were lots of people really hearing it for the first time. We got the full on Road Cases complete with The Story Of The Road Cases. Patterson was getting his best Springsteen on Very Happy Two new Cooley songs including a brand new one(Self Destructives Zones?) How does he do it? "


Nine Bullets:

To those that have heard that the band has lost something recently, let me set the record straight: the band is fucking as good as ever. Neff absolutely ripped tonight. Granted, he looked quite 'cautious' at times, as my brother and I put it, but he nailed his leads and pulled off some nasty solos. It was really awesome to watch and everyone there noticed it. The band certainly answered my questions resoundingly tonight. I feel like a fool for ever doubting them. I don't know what did or didn't happen in Knoxville, but my experience in Myrtle Beach tonight was totally opposite from any negative review I heard about that show. "


An Aquarium Drunkard - Patterson Hood’s Guide To Ath-fest:
"MP3: Patterson Hood :: Heavy And Hanging"
"Hey guys! We just posted three new songs, including two live and one outtake from The Dirty South. Check them out. Here are the notes Patterson wrote for each one: "

Shonna Tucker's home town turned 50 years old recently:

BEST BETS | | Times Daily | Florence, AL:

# Happy birthday to the town of Killen. To celebrate 50 years of incorporation, there will be a party 6:30-8:30 p.m. Friday at Killen Town Park. Entertainment will be by Ted and the Casuals. All former employees and those involved with the town's incorporation will be honored. For details, call Barbara Austin at 757-1158."

Jason Isbell

Here's a great in studio interview with Jason. He also plays acoustic 'Grown' and 'Dress Blues'

Isbell Interview


"SPIN has a blurb about 'Sirens of the Ditch' in this months issue. They call it a 'gorgeously whiskey-soaked country-soul masterpiece.' Rocking the hyphens indeed. Thanks SPIN.

Also, I am very excited about passing the 100,000 play mark after only having the page up for three months. That's great. Thanks to everybody for listening.


Jason's new record, 'Sirens of the Ditch', is finally being released by New West Records on July 10th. There will be a CD release party in the Shoals on Saturday, July 7th at the Muscle Shoals Music Hall. Details about near-by hotels can be found in this thread on the message board. I also plan on adding directions about how to get to the Muscle Shoals Sound buildings (old and new), and how to get to FAME for those of you that may be coming from out of town and plan on killing a few hours before the show.

Also on the bill are 2 other Muscle Shoals bands, Lauderdale and Sons of Roswell.

Be there to get there early and see both of those bands. I'm in Lauderdale. :)
-Corey (olwiggum)"
A montage interpretation of Whipping Post performance at the Bluebird cafe with Jason Isbell, Chris Tompkins, Gary Nichols with special guest Bo Bice.


A couple of YouTubers trying their hand at 'Outfit'.

Outfit Cover #1

Outfit Cover #2


The Drams

Tony is posting tour diaries:

the Drams:

"Firstly, I've gotta wrap up the last two days of the S. E. tour. We spent a good chunk of our off time at Jenn's and she's a saint for putting us up. But everyone already knew that. God bless Matt for tolerating us too! I would be a dino-dick if I did'nt mention the other folks in Athens who have become our extendo-family: Shayne(who gave us spiffy haircuts and rockin fried chicken, plus sass galore) and Todd(singer/songwriter deluxe who pours a mean shot), Fritz and Julie(who came to Macon for God sakes) at Tasy World, Jayne-Jayne-Jayne, sweet as can be. Matt T. for staying up and getting out of the house. Johnny Roulette and Ruthie, ever vigilant. Hell we even got blessed with getting to with Patterson, Becca and sweet little Ava! "

Tequila Brad has got some great Dram's Videos on his MySpace

Tequila Brad's MySpace Dram's Videos



Festival of the Great Unknowns - Gadling:

"Here's a music festival to add to your list of things to do immediately, as in tomorrow. Or, if you can't swing that, keep it in mind for next year. It sort of fits between the Gadling's unusual festivals of the World or the Massively Huge Summer Music Fest Round-up. I just heard about it myself, and if it weren't for the Midwest, Oklahoma and Texas being so darned big, I'd hop in my car and head there myself."

Via Naomi

Rude at Bonnaroo


"We've grabbed a sneak preview of it, and it would go to the head of even the most notorious ligger.

On arrival Amy will be greeted with two bottles of Spanish red wine, a large bottle of vodka, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of brandy. Talk about a welcome pack!

Perhaps she's celebrating - again - her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, who she wed in a quickie ceremony in Miami last month.

Let's hope he is on-hand to prop her up when she performs, for before she goes on stage Amy and her band will have also glugged, puffed and chomped their way through the rest of the rider - one case of lager ('NOT Stella or Carling!'), 40 Marlboro Lights, a load of chocolate and three 'good quality' HOT pizzas."



Jenn said...

Maybe next time you can talk about the new Wydelles album... if they'll ever frickin' release it!!! Great on ya about the rest tho - I'm enjoying both the Lauderdale and Audra albums.

JPW said...

Hey Sweetness,

I definitely planned on discussing the Wydelles in Friday's post. You done told me to listen to 'em for a few weeks now but I only got around to it last night. AMAZING. Really, really good.

townser said...

I'm sure you are already onto these guys, but the Avett Brothers new album Emotionalism is fantastic. Well worth a purchase and a 'can't miss' live show! Lots of energy and great harmonies.

JPW said...

I'd heard of them previously, Townser but I haven't really dug into them yet. However, I did watch a youtube clip of them boys and you are correct. Lots of energy and great harmonies.

townser said...


Spend a little time with them, it is well worth it. I have found that their message is as amazing as their music.

JPW said...

I'll give them a whirl, townser. I've got their myspace page up now checking out some tunes.