Monday, June 11, 2007

Dirty, Dirty Words

This came across MySpace bulletins this morning. Even if you didn't know Chris I'm sure you can agree that this is a ridiculous ruling by this management company. How they have the gall to tell you or I how we can memorialize, celebrate and/or grieve someone is outrageous.

The phone number and email are in the post below. Be nice but direct in your opposition to this stupid fucking rule.

But, do call or email where ever you may live:

Hi Everyone,

Those of you who knew Chris and have visited his gravesite over the years are aware that there have always been mementos left there for him: pictures, notes, guitar picks, drum sticks, purple daisies, handmade jewelry, and everything in-between. The list goes on…

Apparently, the Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens has passed some rule that you can only leave things in a vase. As of June 1, they have every intention of picking up and throwing away anything and everything that "isn't in a vase.”

If we do nothing, everything will be gone. Worse yet, we won’t be able to share those things which embody love or spirit or comfort with Chris, who was so wonderful and giving when it came to sharing all of those things with us.

And don't forget that if we stand by quietly and let that happen, we may see nothing of each other to remind ourselves of why we are there in the first place.

I called, and they promised me that Chris's things could be held for a few days until one of his parents could pick them up. That was all I could negotiate for the short-term situation, and yet it's still a better deal than those who are going there today, only to find the place bare and all of their treasured keepsakes in barrels and on their way to the dump.

The manager's name is Brian Sparks. He works for a company called SCI. They bought the place circa 2000. The e-mail addy they gave me for him is:

Please e-mail him and tell him how you find this policy ridiculous, or take a moment to explain what compassion is, or maybe just tell him how Chris made a difference in your life and ask what, exactly, is the problem with a guitar pick and a daisy sitting side-by-side at a grave. And then please call them and do the same. Make sure your voice is heard. If enough of us call to object, it could make a difference. Call them at 256-764-7542.

Do whatever's right for you, but please do it. No matter what, please do something...anything. If we fill the manager's e-mail box and ring their phone off the hook, we have a good chance of making that difference. There are enough of us.

You know it’s worth it.
Best to all of you , the Fiddleworms


This news is a few days old now, but the video is PRICELESS!

A true Alabama Ass Whuppin caught on tape...

Why are republicans so damn angry?


That the name "Paris Hilton" would ever shit stain this blog has always been something I've tried to avoid. But, this recent bat shit looniness of the MSM covering Paris' little jail sentence has pissed me the fuck off..... even more than usual:

Check this out:

VIDEO COMPILATION: The Assault On Reason, Paris Hilton Edition:

"The media’s latest “serial obsession” focuses on Paris Hilton’s jail sentence. On Friday, MSNBC abruptly cut away from coverage of Gen. Peter Pace’s replacement (with producers screaming in the background) to return to Paris Hilton. A CNN anchor proudly called the station “the most trusted name in Paris news,” and during Friday’s broadcast of Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News, “the Paris Hilton ‘news’ got more coverage on CBS than a roadside bomb killing a U.S. soldier, the immigration legislation, and passage of the stem-cell bill combined — times two.”"

oy fucking vay.

But, hey, at least Paris can take solace in the fact that she doesn't live in Georgia.... or is a black male.... who, when he was 17 had consensual oral sex with a 15 y.o. girl.... then received 10 yearsin prison.....

Daily Kos: Paris Hilton VS Genarlow Wilson:

Wilson was an honor student & standout football player at Douglas County High and was being recruited by colleges like Brown & Columbia, but all of that was taken away. Under Georgia law this was considered aggravated child molestation & was subject to a ten year mandatory sentence, since the girl was one year away from the age of consent

There is a website,, which has contact info & information on how to help Genarlo Wilson.

How does a dirty word get that way?

They were born that way, for the most part. Fuck has always been an offensive word, though its exact origin is unclear. It's related to words in Dutch, German, and Swedish, and the etymological meaning has to do with moving back and forth. The first known evidence of the term is found in an English and Latin poem from before 1500 that satirized the Carmelite friars of Cambridge, England. In the line "Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk," the author replaced each letter of the unprintable words with the succeeding letter in the alphabet: "They [the friars] are not in heaven, since they fuck wives of Ely."* (Remember that the alphabet at the time was different, and that i was also j, v was also u, and vv was w. Thus gxddbov produces fvccant, a fake Latin word taken to mean "fuck.")

Since then, fuck has remained consistently offensive, though it has lost some of its original punch. The word only developed its nonsexual meanings in the late 19th century. (You can find that usage in Civil War court-martial records, for instance.) The word became much more widely used after World War I and now, along with shit, accounts for half the swearing that goes on in public. At this point, even our president and vice president will use it casually in its nonsexual sense. In March 2002, Bush interrupted a meeting Condoleezza Rice was holding and yelled, ""Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out!" And Dick Cheney famously said "Go fuck yourself" to Patrick Leahy on the floor of the Senate.



Jez said...

Looks like the judge in the Wilson case agreed with you:

But why are the fucking asshole prosecutors APPEALING this? Let it go, people. The community has spoken.

Jez said...

You can call David McDade, the county D.A., at 770-920-7292 and ask his office why they appealed this case. I did. They took my name and number. I hope I get to ask him "Why?"

JPW said...

Nice, Jez! I just caught that article myself. Will add it in an afternoon update.

They're appealing because a. he's black. b. They need to look 'George Bush Tough' when re-election time comes around.


Jez said...

I screwed up. It's not the Donaldson county D.A., it's THE STATE of Georgia Attorney General, Thurbert Baker. There's a bit more of an explanation, but I still think the A.G. is being a cock.

The whole issue is preposterous to begin with. From what I've read, if they would have had plain sex, none of this would have happened. Since it was "oral" sex then all of this happened. How evil are some people? I blame Christians for this one. Fucking sheep.